Current Students

  • Wang Yan (PhD Candidate) [HUST]- Object recognition (Handbag)
  • Zhan Huijing (PhD Candidate) [HUST]- Object recogition (Shoes)
  • Lu Ze (PhD Candidate) [Zeijiang U]- Face recognition
  • Li HaoLiang (PhD Candidate) [UESTC] - Image Forensics
  • Wan Ranji (PhD Candidate) [UESTC]- Image Processing
  • Khosro Bahrami (PhD Candidate) [Sharif Univ of Tech] – image blurring and forensic
  • Fan Jiayuan (PhD Candidate) [HIT]– image forensics in Brightness and Contrast
  • Devadeep Shyam (MEng Candidate) [IITG] - Text Image Filtering
  • Tra Trung Anh (PhD Candidate) [Vietnam] - Coding

Research Attachment

  • Professor LI Leida, China Univ of Mining and Tech, Xuzhou, China
  • Professor Anderson Rocha, UNICAMP, Campines, Brazil
  • Professor Nikoleos Boulgouris, Brunel University, UK
  • Dr Qin HuaFeng, ChongQing University, ChongQing, China
  • Gang Cao, Beijing JiaoTong University, Beijing, China
  • Monica Enescu BEST Bucuresti, Romania
  • Elena Ovreiu, BEST Bucuresti, Romania
  • Professor Wang LiangMin, Jiangsu University, Jiangsu, China

Former Students


  • Tan GuoXian (PhD 2013, co-supervised with Christian Viard-Gaudin at Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Nantes, France) – Handwriting recognition and handwritten document indexing [in RI]
  • Li Sheng (PhD 2013) – biometrics data protection [in NTU]
  • Chen ChangSheng (PhD 2013) – 2-D Barcode [in HKUST, Hong Kong]
  • Liu Siyuan (PhD 2013), co-supervised with Miao CY at SCE and Theng YL at SCI) – Trust Model [in NTU]
  • Cao Hong (PhD 2011) – image forensics [Scientist at I2R, ASTAR]
  • Yang HuiJuan (PhD 2009) – binary document security and authentication [Research Scientist at I2R, ASTAR]
  • Bappaditya Mandal (PhD 2008, co-supervised with Professor XD Jiang) - Face Recognition [Research Scientist at I2R, ASTAR]
  • Cheng Jun (PhD 2008) – Steganalysis on binary images [Researcher at Panasonic, I2R]
  • Liu ManHua (PhD 2007) – Fingerprint Classification [Faculty at Shanghai JiaoTong University]
  • Cong Ling (PhD 2005, as a co-supervisor) – in space-time modulation [Faculty at EE Department, Imperial College London]
  • Patrick Fung (Ph.D. 2003) – in interference rejection. [Research Technical Staff at Institute of Infocom Research]
  • K.C. Teh (PH.D 1999) – in Performance Analysis for jammer suppression in CDMA systems [Associate Professor and Assistant Chair at the School of EEE at NTU]
  • M. Jian (PH.D. 1999) – in Source Localization in Microphone Array Systems [Researcher in Canada]
  • B.P.NG (PH.D. 1996, as a co-supervisor) – in Array Calibration [Associate Professor at School of EEE, NTU]


  • Gao Yupeng (M.Eng, 2006) – in Steganography for Binary Images
  • Zeng JianCheng (M.Eng, 2005) – in Data Hiding in Fonts and Symbols
  • Cao Hong (M.Eng, 2004) – in Character Recognition
  • Lu Hai Ping (M.Eng, 2003) –in Binary Image Data Hiding
  • Shen Linlin (M.Eng, 2003) – in Fingerprint recognition [Faculty member at Shenzhen University]
  • Tang YuFeng (M.Eng, 2003) – in e-learning collaboration
  • Koo WeiMun (MEng, 2001) - in Fingerprint feature extraction
  • S. GULAM-RAZUL (M.Eng, 2000) – in Speaker Verification
  • Wei Zhang (M. Eng, 2000) – in Performance Analysis for LEO Satellite [former faculty member at NTU]
  • K.K.Ang (M.Eng, 1999) – in Speaker Verification using HMM
  • Tong Chee (M.Eng, 1998) – in Adaptive Filtering
  • B.K. Poh (M.Eng, 1998) – in Jammer Rejection for DSSS Using SVD
  • Y.D.Lee (M.Eng, 1997) – in Performance Analysis for SVD-based Frequency Estimation