Courses Taught

1. EN3504 Solid & Hazardous Waste Management (Undergraduate, Lecture and Tutorial)
2. CL/CV4554
Air Pollution Control Engineering (Undergraduate, Lecture and Tutorial)
3. CV6504 Hazardous Waste Treatment and Recovery (Graduate, Lecture and Tutorial)
4. EN4556 Membrane Water Reclamation Technology (Undergraduate, Lecture and Tutorial)
5. C251 Environmental Quality (Undergraduate, Lecture and Tutorial)
6 CV4552/

Wastewater Engineering (Basic biological process)   (Undergraduate)

7. EM103 Water Resource Management (Water Treatment) (undergraduate)
8. FE1003 Engineering Chemistry (Undergraduate)
9. PA8122 Environmental Policies & Singapore’s Management Experiences (Graduate)
10. GN01/C281 Environmental Chemistry (Undergrad)
11. ESC 513 Solid Waste Management (Graduate)
12. ESC 517 Water Resource Management (Water Treatment-Graduate)
13. RE 1004 Engineering Science I (An undergraduate elite programme)
14. RE 2004 Build and Test (An undergraduate elite programme)
15 RE 2008 Integrated Engineering Design (An undergraduate elite programme)
16 EN1001 Environmental Chemistry (undergraduate) from 2014