Robotic manipulation showcase

A short showcase of our research and development in robotic manipulation.

Manipulation of a rotating chain

We propose a strategy to manipulate a rotating chain, in particular, to make it transit between different rotation modes. For more details, see our paper "Robotic manipulation of a rotating chain".

Assembly of an IKEA chair

We integrated robot vision, motion/grasp planning and force control to achieve highly dexterous tasks. For more details, see our paper "A framework for fine robotic assembly".

Multiple pins insertion:

Flipping a chair frame:

Kinodynamic motion planning

Here we demonstrate how taking advantage of dynamics enables finding valid motions in a scenario where quasi-static motions are guaranteed to fail. For more details, see our paper "Admissible Velocity Propagation : beyond quasi-static path planning for high-dimensional robots".

TOPP for redundantly-actuated robots

Here we use the TOPP library to plan fast motions for a humanoid robot in a multi-contact task, subject to torque and contact stability constraints. For more details, see our paper "Time-optimal path parameterization for redundantly-actuated robots".