Prof GUAN Cuntai, PhD


Professor, Computer Science and Engineering


Program Director, Strategic Collaboration


Co-Director, NTU-NNI Neuro-technology Fellowship Program


Fellow, IEEE


School of Computer Science and Engineering


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



Phone: (65) 6790 6205

Office: N4-02B-52











The following vacancies are available:

1.     PhD Students


We are looking for passionate PhD students and will provide the students with 4-year full scholarship. The candidates must have a strong background in computer science, computer and electrical engineering, biomedical engineering or related disciplines (1st class honor is preferred). The research areas include Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI), Neural Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.



·       For applicants, you may check the following website to understand more about the eligibility and application criteria:


·       For applicants, please refer to the following link to submit your applications:


·       For students from China, you are required to have TOEFL and GRE scores for your application. Alternatively, you can also take Technical Proficiency Tests (TPT) and English Proficiency Tests (EPT), arranged by NTU regularly, in several major cities in China.



2.     Research Associates/Research Engineers


We are looking for passionate candidates as Research Associate (master degree) or Project Officer (bachelor degree), in the areas of brain-computer interface, machine learning, neural engineering, data analytics, and applications. The applicants should have a first degree in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, or related disciplines. The candidate must have a strong background and experience in software programing. The candidate must be proficient in C/C++ (or C#), and Matlab/Python. Good knowledge in machine learning and signal processing is a strong plus. Experience with BCI research and/or game development is a merit.


3.     Research Fellows/Postdoc Fellows

We are accepting applications for the research fellow/postdoctoral fellow positions. The research area is on advanced machine learning algorithms for Brain-Computer Interfaces. The focus of this position includes the understanding of neural signal variations and the development of robust machine learning and signal processing algorithms. Additionally, work will also focus on the invention of new strategies for emerging BCI research questions and novel applications. The successful applicant will need a Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related disciplines. Experience with data analytics and machine learning is required. Strong analytical and programming skills are required. The work scope will also include manuscript preparation, participation in the grant applications, and presentation of findings at conferences.

Note: only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

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