Prof GUAN Cuntai, PhD


Professor, Computer Science and Engineering


Program Director, Strategic Collaboration


Co-Director, NTU-NNI Neuro-technology Fellowship Program


Fellow, IEEE


School of Computer Science and Engineering


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



Phone: (65) 6790 6205

Office: N4-02B-52





Selected Patents and Patent Applications:


1.     Low Data Transmission Rate and Intelligible Speech Communication

US Patent No. 6,502,073


2.     Device and Method for Generating a Representation of a Subject's Attention Level

US Patent No. 9,149,719


3.     A System and Method for Processing Brain Signals in a BCI System

US Patent No. 8,463,371


4.     A Method and System for Concentration Detection

US Patent No. 8,862,581


5.     Method and System for Classifying Brain Signals in a BCI Using a Subject-specific Model

US Patent No. 8,849,727


6.     System and Method for Motor Learning

US Patent No. 9,125,788


7.     A Method and System for Motor Rehabilitation

US Patent No. 9,357,938

Chinese Patent No. ZL 201180025248.8


8.     Brain-Computer Interface System and Method

US Patent No. 9,538,934

Chinese Patent No. ZL 201080066939.8


9.     System and Method for Developing a Model Indicative of a Subject's Emotional State When Listening to Musical Pieces


US Patent No. 9,557,957

10.  Sound-Induced Sleep Method and a System Therefor

US Patent No. 9,999,743

Chinese Patent No. ZL 201480044909.5


11.  A Method and System for Detecting Attention



US Patent App. 13/982,204


12.  Autodidactic Cognitive Training Device and Method Thereof

Chinese Patent No. ZL 201380052970.X


13.  A Method and System for Using Haptic Device and Brain-Computer Interface for Rehabilitation



14.  Multi-channel Ballistocardiography with Cepstrum Smoothing and Quality-based Dynamic Channel Selection


US Patent App. 15/525,043


15.  Sleep Profiling System with Feature Generation and Auto-Mapping



US Patent App. 15/533,372


16.  Alert Versus Fatigue Discriminator



17.  A Computer System for Acquiring a Control Command



18.  Sensing Olfactory Response to One or More Scents



19.  A Multi-channel Ballistocardiography based Method and System for Person Identification


Singapore Patent Application No. 10201407245T


20.  System and Method for Detecting Eye Activity



21.  Closed-loop Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder based on Arousal Detection from BCI


Technology Disclosure (patent under filing)

22.  An EEG-based Calmness Detection Method


Technology Disclosure (patent under filing)

23.  Neural and Physiological Sensing Chip for Multimodal Wearable System


Technology Disclosure (patent under filing)

24.  Identifying and Extracting Electroencephalogram Signals



25.  Signal Processing System for Brain Machine Interface and Method Performed by the System