Agent Mediated Intelligence Research Group

This research webpage needs to be updated. Our main research directions include (please see our publications):
  • Computational game theory and its application to security
  • Multi-agent optimization
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Adversarial learning
  • Computational sustainability

  • Game Theory for Security
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    Terrorism is a major security issue to countries all around the world. In the post 9/11 world, terrorism has become more severe and more sophisticated in terms of the planning and the technologies involved. High profile infrastructures and important public events are being increasingly targeted, calling for enhanced protection with more efficient use of limited security resources.

    Pioneered by Teamcore research group, a new research direction, known as security games, adopts a game-theoretic perspective to assist with developing efficient algorithms for computing optimal allocation of security resources against strategic adversaries, and then analyzed and solved with the help of computational techniques. Our research focus includes security games with dynamic payoffs, dealing with uncertainties in security games, and application of security games in cyber security and wildlife protection.

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    Computational Sustainability

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    Computational sustainability is an interdisciplinary field aiming at applying computational techniques to address environmental, economic, and social problems arising from the needs of sustainable development. While human beings play a central role in many such problems, how to coordinate human-human and human-environment relations become the key topic to focus on and is where our interest lies. Our projects include policy-making and planning of the large scale decentralized transportation systems, e.g., pricing of the taxi market, planning (placement and pricing) of the electric vehicle system.

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