Research Areas

Computer vision research in tracking, extraction of camera trajectory, and 3D reconstruction from image sequences for augmented reality and automating 2D/3D computer graphics for the film/video industry.


Brief descriptions of various areas are provided here. If you need more detail, you can contact me at ashsseah{at}



Research Fellows


1                     Dr Zhao Feng, CELFI Creating an In Vivo Navigational Cellular Fluorescence Imaging System with Dynamically Optimized Endomicroscopy. 3 Oct 2007–current

2                     Dr Quah Chee Kwang, IART The Creation of Innovative Educational Environments exploiting Contextualized Interactive Augmented Reality Technologies. Oct 2007–current

3                     Dr Qiu Jie, CACAni2 Coloring Module. 29 Jun 2005–current

4                     Dr Chen Quan, CACAni2 Inbetween Module. 29 Jun 2005–current



1                     Dr Wu Zhongke, Object Representation in Computer. 12 Dec 2003–21 Apr 2006

2                     Dr Qian Kemao, 3D Augmented Reality and Profilometry. 1 Jan 2002–31 Dec 2005

3                     Dr Tian Feng, 3D Profilometry. 25 Oct 1997–24 Oct 1999

4                     Dr Sourina Olga, Virtual Orthopaedical Surgery. 24 Feb 1998–15 Apr 1999

5                     Dr Shan Ying, Computer Vision-Assisted Integration of Computer Graphics Animation and Live Video Sequences. 24 Apr 1997–23 Apr 1999

6                     Dr Zhang Shouqing, Computer-Assisted Cel Animation. 6 Mar 1996–5 Mar 1998

7                     Dr Huang Li, Facial Image Feature Extraction and Recognition. 3 Dec 1994–31 Aug 1995

Research Associates


1                     Eiji Sugisaki, CACAni2 Special Effects Module. 25 May 2008–current

2                     Liu Dongquan, CACAni2 Disk B-Spline. 21 Dec 2007–current

Graduate Students


1                     Zhang Zheng, Model-Based Marker-less Human Motion Capture, PhD. 21 Jul 2008–current

2                     Gu Huiqin, 3D Painting via Polycube Geometry Image, PhD. 6 Aug 2007–current, first year report submitted

3                     Xiao Xian, Skeletal Character Animation from Examples, PhD. 26 Apr 2004–current, thesis submitted

4                     Widya Andyardja Weliamto, Real Time 3D Tracking and Recognition for Robot Control, PhD. 7 Jan 2002–current, thesis submitted


1                     Quah Chee Kwang, Towards a Model-based 3D Marker-less Human Motion Capture, PhD. 12 May 2003–23 Sep 2008

2                     Qiu Jie, Computer-Assisted Cel Animation: Auto-Coloring Based on Master Frames, PhD. 29 Jul 2002–28 May 2008

3                     Stephanus Tandjung, An Investigation on Motion Estimation using Gibbs Markov Random Fields, PhD. 4 May 1998–3 May 2006

4                     Zhang Jian Feng, Distributed Computing and NURBS in Computer Assisted In-Betweening, MEng. 1 Oct 2001–9 Jun 2005

5                     Lu Ji, Computer-Assisted Cel Animation, MEng. 16 Oct 2000–29 Oct 2003

6                     Lin Feng, Model-Based Visualization of Ultrasonic Imaging, PhD. Oct 1993–16 Jan 1997

7                     Esther Wang Xi, Visualization of Three-Dimensional Ultrasonic Imaging, M. App. Sc. Nov 1993–16 Jan 1997

8                     Tay Lay Phuan, Fast 3D Reconstruction from Stereographics Data, MEng. Nov 1991–1993

Short-term Project 2002 (10 Jan – 10 Jun)

  • Chen Beilian, Computer-Assisted Cel Animation: Segmentation Problems Associated with Inbetween Generation.
  • Wang Zongyi, Computer-Assisted Cel Animation: Special Effects on Multi-Layer Architecture.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme 2001-2002 (5 Nov - 15 Dec, 2001)

  • Ferdinand Stefanus, Computer-Assisted Cel Animation: Animation of Natural Phenomena.
  • Dai Hao, Computer-Assisted Cel Animation: Auto-Coloring Based on Master Frames.


Admission to Higher Degree by Research and Scholarship

If you are interested in any of my research, you can apply to our Graduate Studies Programme (by Research). Details and application form can be found in NTU Graduate Studies Home Page.