Special Session and Competition on Real Parameter Single Objective Optimization @ CEC-15, Sendai, Japan, 25th-28th May 2015

Single objective optimization algorithms are the basis of the more complex optimization algorithms such as multi-objective, niching, dynamic, constrained optimization algorithms and so on. Research on the single objective optimization algorithms influence the development of these optimization branches mentioned above. In the recent years, various kinds of novel optimization algorithms have been proposed to solve real-parameter optimization problems. At CEC 2015, we will organize competitions on the following 3 single objective classes: 

Learning based single objective global optimization where a separate algorithm can be used for each problem class.
Expensive optimization problems by using (or without  using) surrogates / metamodels / fitness landscape approximation.
Multiple-Solution optimization (niching) problems.

This special session is devoted to the approaches, algorithms and techniques for solving real parameter single objective optimization without knowing the exact equations of the test functions (i.e. blackbox optimization). We encourage all researchers to test their algorithms on the CECí15 test suites. The participants are required to send the final results
(after submitting their final version in March 2015) in the format specified in the corresponding technical report to the organizers. The organizers will present an overall analysis and comparison based on these results. We will also use statistical tests on convergence performance to compare algorithms that eventually generate similar final solutions. Papers on novel concepts that help us in understanding problem characteristics are also welcome.

Results of 30D problems are acceptable for the first review submission. However, other dimensional results (as specified in the respective technical report) should also be included in the final version, if space permits. Thus, final results for all dimensions in the format introduced in the technical report should be zipped and sent to the organizers after the final version of the paper is submitted. Please Note that in this competition error values smaller than 10^-8 will be taken as zero.

You can download the C, JAVA and Matlab codes for CECí15 test suites from the website given below:

We now invite you give your feedback on the test suite and participate in this competition.

Thank you.

Special Session Organizers:
A/Prof. J. J. Liang (liangjing@zzu.edu.cn)

A/Prof. P. N. Suganthan (epnsugan@ntu.edu.sg  http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/EPNSugan)

Dr. Qin Chen (chenqin1980@gmail.com)
Dr. B-Y Qu (e070088@e.ntu.edu.sg )

Prof. Qingfu Zhang  (qfzhang2008@gmail.com)

Dr. Bo Liu   (liubo168@gmail.com)

Important Dates (
We'll follow all extensions offered by CEC 2015):
Initial Submission:                      Dec  19  2014

Notification of Acceptance:        Feb 20,  2015
Final Paper Submission:             Mar  13, 2015
Early Registration Deadline:       Mar 13,  2015 

Paper submission:
For submission information please visit: http://ieee-cis.org/conferences/cec2015/upload.php
(Not active yet)
All accepted papers will be published in the CEC electronic proceedings and included in the IEEE Xplore digital library, and expected to be indexed by EI Compendex, Scopus, SCI proceedings, etc.

Please Note:
When submitting, please make s
ure you select "SS04: Single Objective Numerical Optimization" as the "Main Research Topic" for all papers making use of these benchmarks (including expensive optimization)