Special Session & Competition on Performance Assessment of Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms @ CEC-07, Singapore, 25-28 September 2007


If you face any difficulties, please inform me ( epnsugan@ntu.edu.sg  ).


  1. Call for papers

  2. The problems and codes in Matlab & C are available for downloading as a rar folder :   CEC2007 codes (updated on 3rd May 2007).

  1. V. L. Huang, A. K. Qin, K. Deb, E. Zitzler, P. N. Suganthan, J. J .Liang, M. Preuss and S. Huband, "Problem Definitions for Performance Assessment of Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms", Special Session on Constrained Real-Parameter Optimization, Technical Report, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2007 (available as pdf CEC-2007 TR).

  1. This special session is linked to the CEC 2007 competitions too.

  5.  Performance Comparisons and analysis in pdf


Accepted Papers are listed below (Codes Available for #3)

and available from  http://web.mysites.ntu.edu.sg/epnsugan/PublicSite/Shared Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx

  1. Deepak Sharma, Abhay Kumar, Kalyanmoy Deb, Karthik Sindhya, "Hybridization of SBX Based NSGA-II and Sequential Quadratic Programming for Solving Multi-objective Optimization Problems".

  2. Saku Kukkonen and Jouni Lampinen, "Performance Assessment of Generalized Differential Evolution 3 (GDE3) with a Given Set of Problems".

  3. V. L. Huang, A. K. Qin, P. N. Suganthan and M. F. Tasgetiren, "Multi-objective Optimization based on Self-adaptive Differential Evolution".

  4. Karin Zielinski and Rainer Laur, "Differential Evolution with Adaptive Parameter Setting for Multi-Objective Optimization".

  5. Ales Zamuda, Janez Brest, Borko Boskovic and Viljem  Zumer, "Differential Evolution for Multiobjective Optimization with Self Adaptation".

  6. Lin-Yu Tseng and Chun Chen, "Multiple Trajectory Search for Multiobjective Optimization"

  7. Abhay Kumar, Deepak Sharma, Kalyanmoy Deb, "A Hybrid Multi-Objective Optimization Procedure Using PCX Based NSGA-II and Sequential Quadratic Programming".

  8. Karin Zielinski and Rainer Laur, "Adaptive Parameter Setting for a Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm".