Research Themes

Sustainable Nano-Enabled Approaches in Agriculture and Food:
Enhancing efficiencies across the “farm to the fork” while reducing Environmental Health and Safety implications.
  • Development of nanotechnology-based enabling technologies for targeted delivery of agrichemicals
  • Development of sustainable, nano-enabled antimicrobial interventions across the farm-to-fork continuum for minimizing foodborne diseases and wastes
  • Development of Nano-nutraceuticals
  • Assessment of toxicological implications from ingested nanomaterials
  • Development of human risk perception / mental model for consumer use
Nano delivery
Life Cycle Environmental and Health Risk Assessment of Nano-Enabled Products (NEPs):
  • Understanding potential ENM releases and human and environmental exposures across life cycle of families of NEPs that are currently commercially available, especially in Singapore.
  • Development of integrated methodologies to assess life cycle specific, EHS implications of families of NEPs;
  • Development of sustainable NEPs through considerations of safe-by-design principles and human risk perception/mental model for consumer use.
nano enabled