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Harnessing the breadth and depth of engineering that makes Nanyang Technological University one of the world’s top universities, along with the progressive Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, and Singapore’s state-of-the-art health services, HealthTech NTU provides a place where excellence in health, science, engineering, business, and policy converge.
We tackle health challenges with clinical precision, cutting edge research infrastructure, and expert interdisciplinary teams. We help engineers and scientists deliver effective solutions and enable clinicians to provide better care. From nanomedicines to global health innovations, we are engineering the future of healthcare.


HealthTech NTU aims to nurture a new generation of academic researchers with the training and mindset to carry out and translate highly interdisciplinary research at the interface of the life sciences, engineering and commerce, ready for the healthcare challenges that tomorrow brings. 

We draw on NTU’s acknowledged strengths in engineering and technology combined with LKCMedicine’s deep understanding of disease biology and clinical practice and promote intellectual cross-pollination between engineering, natural sciences and medicine by:


Establishing joint research programmes
Assembling high-performing project teams
Actively providing ancillary expertise to deliver impactful innovations to address challenges in healthcare.

Research focus

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We are exceptionally well placed to provide solutions, fortunate to be working at an extraordinary juncture in the development of biomedical innovations, with enormous productivity resulting from a great confluence of the life sciences, physical sciences and engineering. 


NTU-HSPH Initiative for Sustainable Nanotechnology

The NTU-Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health Initiative for Sustainable Nanotechnology (NTU-Harvard SusNano) brings together scientists from NTU and Harvard University to work on cutting edge applications and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) implications of nanomaterials, with emphasis on green synthesis and safer-by-design approaches, to pave the way to a sustainable nanotechnology industry.

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Novel Delivery Methods for Drug Repositioning

Drug repositioning (repurposing/reprofiling) is an inter-disciplinary strategy to establish new medical uses for existing drug molecules, which takes into account both scientific and commercial considerations. Many approved and/or investigational drugs have been developed against specific targets and are known to have favorable safety profiles in humans.

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More on our programmes

​​The Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP)​ Thematic PhD Research in Healthy Society at HealthTech NTU aims to attract outstanding students with a passion for interdisciplinary research in health technologies, engineering the future of healthcare to catalyse the development and translation of new technologies to solve health problems and improve quality of life.

It offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with the following health technology research foci:

Sensing and Diagnostics

Therapeutic Medical Devices


Tissue Engineering

Systems Biology and Medicine

Medical Imaging and Signal Analysis

Chemical Biology

Health Systems Complexity

Skin Research