NTU-USP Programme

The NTU-University Scholars Programme (NTU-USP) leads a University-wide commitment to provide an intellectually stimulating and enriching academic environment for the best students in NTU. The programme includes an exciting multi-disciplinary curriculum that supplements your core curriculum and general education programme. From ethics to quantitative reasoning, from religions of the world to astronomy, USP offers a wide range of courses, special events, and learning opportunities each year that promise to broaden your perspectives and challenge your creative thinking and analytical ability.

USP students are involved in every aspect of campus life. Besides classroom learning and special seminars with distinguished professors and Nobel Laureates, you will be guaranteed a place for overseas exchange and on-campus accommodation. NTU invests in truly exceptional undergraduate students to equip them with intellectual skills to ensure they are ready for a variety of high-level careers.

Join the USP if you are eager to be part of a vigorous intellectual community.

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