The journey to my PhD goes beyond the academic milestone. While there is enrichment in knowledge, the biggest gain for me is the the change in attitude towards all areas of my life. The diligence required in pursuing my research has instilled in me the need to establish facts, and to remain objective in approaching any matter. This has a direct bearing in my handling of news, which is my job.

On another level, the pursuit of my degree has also impressed on me the need to have an open mind, and to see things beyond the surface. Research work has taught me that there are many layers and dimensions to many aspects of our lives. And very importantly, the perspective of an issue can vary greatly depending on one's position. That awareness has reinforced the need to be less judgemental, and to be more analytical and understanding.

In sum, I would say the pursuit of higher studies goes beyond the academic milestone. It has become a way of life.

Dr Zhang Haijie, SoH (Chinese), PhD, Class of 2005