Undergraduate Housing Application

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#     NOTES:-
# 1. Please note that new hall application is not open as there's still a Senior Waiting List. This waiting list comprises of those who have applied during the last application exercise in April 2019. 
# 2. Applicants who are on the Waiting List will be processed when places become available from the rejection of offers and withdrawal from halls.
# 3. Only successful applicants will be notified via NTU email account. The successful applicant is determined by the system allocation. 
# 4. If students need to stay on campus, please apply for temporary sharing arrangement. Please obtain more information from Temporary Sharing.pdf.

  • NTU & NIE Seniors Application Period: 8 April 2019, 0900hrs to 18 April 2019, 1745hrs
      All students must submit their individual application under either of the following categories.
      Eligible Conditional Eligibility
      1. Students admitted in AY18/19, guaranteed on-campus accomodation in a hall for the 1st two years of study.

      2. Students assured of a place in a Hall under the University Sports Scheme, LKC Medicine MBBS programme or the Primer Scholars' Programme - CN Yang Scholar Programme, Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP), University Scholar Programme (USP) and NTU-NIE Teaching Scholar Program (TSP).

      3. If you are applying with a roommate, both you and your roommate must submit separate online applications.
      1. Students who are on Leave of Absence(LOA) in the current semester. You may only apply for housing upon receipt of confirmation that you are returning from your LOA and resuming your studies - please send an email to has-ug@ntu.edu.sg together with the confirmation. Your application is processed according to the Hall Admission Scheme.


      Application submitted by students who have been barred from hall accommodation will be rejected.
      *Hall Admission Scheme, Processing Schedule and other information (Read Me)
      *Application Charges (Read Me(will be announed later)
      Application not submitted by the closing date/time will not be entertained.

      An acceptance fee amounting to two times the monthly rental rate will be charged for successful applicants.

      By making an application, you agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations governing the halls of residence, having paid due attention to clauses, 3b, 3d, 4a, 4b, 4c, 6a, 6b, 7b and 7c therein stated.
  • NTU New Students Application Period: 3 Jun 2019, 0900hrs to 28 June 2019, 1715hrs

      Welcome, and congratulations on your admission to NTU.

      Campus living opens you to a great social environment with lots of fun activities like movies, sports and many recreational events.

      Just about everything, including food, retail services, sports and recreation faciities are conveniently within reach. Free shuttle bus services, aptly named Campus Rider bring you around campus and even take you to Pioneer MRT station.

      Click on the Apply button below. We look forward to welcoming you at our student housing.

      New students are guaranteed housing for their 1st two years at NTU when they apply before the closing date. The Hall and room are randomly assigned via a computer ballot.

      All students must submit their individual application under the following categories.

      1. Students under the following programmes (CNYang Scholar Programme, LKC Medicine MBBS Programme and Unviersity Scholar Programme) will be assigned to either Crescent Hall or Pioneer Hall.

      2. Students under the Renaissance Engineering Programme, will be assigned to a double room in North Hill halls - Binjai, Tanjong, Banyan and must rco-share a room with a non-REP student.

      *Specify a roommate (Read Me) (will be announced later)                       

      *Application & Acceptance Fee (Read Me) (will be announced later) 

      Application not submitted by the closing date and time will not be entertained.

      By making an application, you agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations giverning the halls of residence, having paid due attention to clauses 3b, 3d, 4a, 4b, 4c, 6a, 6b, 7b, and 7c therein sated.

  • NIE New Students Application ends on 8 Jul 2019, 1745hrs (hardcopy forms from NIE)

      Welcome. and congratulations on your admission to NIE.

      New students of NIE must apply using the Hall Application Form (HAF) available in you admission package.

      *Specifying a Roommate (Read Me) (will be announced later)

      A non-redundable application fee of $16.05 (inclusive of GST) will be collected through the student E-Hostel Bill.

      Send the hard copy of your hall application to us by mail

      Nanyang Technological University
      Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services
      (Student Housing)
      42 Nanyang Avenue
      Student Services Centre, #04-01
      Singapore 639815

  • Inbound Exchange Students' (Will be announced later)

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