FAQ - New Students

the General questions
Q1:Can I apply for a single room?
A:Yes, you may indicate your preference, but assignments will be subject to availability from the rooms set aside for new students.
Q2:Can I apply with an NTU/NIE freshman as a roommate?
A:Yes. Each individual must submit an application which indicates the other as a roommate.
Q3:Can I apply with NTU/NIE senior students as roommates?
A:Yes, on condition both individuals are siblings (strictly brothers or sisters) and he/she secures a place in the first round of assignments for seniors. Each individual must submit an application clearly indicating the other as a roommate.
Q4:Do I have a choice of hall or room?
A:No. Hall and room assignments are made randomly by computer.
Q5:What are the rental rates for all the halls?
A:Take a look at our Rental Fees.
Q6:When do I need to pay the hall application fee?
A:Application fees will be collected through the student E-Hostel Bill.
Q7:How do I make payment of the acceptance fee?
A:NTU students can make online payment of the acceptance fee. Before selecting Payment, login using the network account issued to you.
NIE students are to make payment at the NIE Student Services Centre, Block 3B, Student Hub, Level 1.
The acceptance fee must be paid by the due date.
Q8:If I have checked in to the hall, may I withdraw?
A:Yes, you may, but you will lose your acceptance fee which is not refundable.

Questions relating to online applications (NTU New Students)
Q10:Can I make changes to the information in my online application after submission?
A:Changes can be made before the closing date for your category of application. You will need your hall application reference number to do so.
Q11:How can I check on the status of my online application?
A:You can do so online with your hall application reference number.
Q12:How do I accept the offer online?
A:Simply by clicking on the 'Accept' button.
Q13:How will I know if my online application has been submitted successfully?
A:An acknowledgement page with a hall application reference number will be generated at the end of the process.

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