​​Full-time NTU students and full-time NIE student teachers in the PGDE, Diploma & BA/BSc programmes are eligible to apply for housing at the Undergraduate Halls of Residence.

What's for AY2018?​

A wide variety of room types available - single/double bedroom and single bedroom with your own toilet & bath, available in both aircon or non-aircon flavours, you'll have a good selection of rooms.

What are my chances...

There are 26% (3,600) more beds available at the start of AY17/18. Overall, there are about twice as many beds in air-con rooms as there are in non-aircon rooms. The number of beds in single rooms has increased to 30% in keeping with the demand for single rooms.

Rental fees...

OK.. what does it cost? Yes, rental fees have gone up, reflecting the higher costs of operating and maintaining the halls. Hall rental fees in NTU, however, remain among the lowest if not the lowest for University housing in Singapore.

With the variety of halls and rooms, monthly room rates span a wide range from $255 up to $590. Let your specific preferences and budget, be your guide.

Facilities at the halls...

Beginning with Crescent & Pioneer halls, all new hall developments feature a sizeable gym, the one at North Hill by far the largest on campus and most comprehensive. It is free for all students, so your 'non-North Hill' friends can join you. The gyms at Crescent & Pioneer Halls and at the new Nanyang Crescent Halls are for residents only.

If you're in to badminton or table tennis, North Hill has a huge function hall with a spread of badminton courts and table tennis tables.

So what does this mean for me?

More rooms -- less competition for hall rooms -- less stress. More variety -- more choice -- more facilities.

For most, the decision to live on campus is a no brainer. For everyone else...

If you've never stayed in a hall, now's the time to experience hall life. Why spend the time travelling to and from campus -- two to three hours a day adds up, not just in time but energy. Get that extra hour of sleep on a proper bed, satisfy your conscience by getting that cardio workout, work on that assignment or hangout with your favourite company of friends - you could make good use of that extra time.

For more sports facilities, head over to the spanking new sports hall.

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