NTU New Students

Welcome, and congratulations on your admission to NTU. If you have not given much thought to living on campus, you should. Deciding whether to live on-campus is the next big decision before you.

Many alumni have attested to the benefits of living on campus. You will meet new friends and who knows, maybe even your future partner.

Campus living opens you to a great social environment with lots of fun activities like movies, sports and recreational events such as dance, singing, ...

Our Residential Education programmes also offer you opportunities to pick up life-long skills beyond the academic curriculum. Many residents have already benefitted from lessons on cooking, wine tasting, financial investment and even developing an organic vegetable garden, amongst others.

Just about everything you need is conveniently within reach — food, retail services, sports and recreation facilities. You can get around campus by simply hopping on our free shuttle buses. Campus Rider will even take you to Pioneer MRT station.

Your timing is perfect. Our newest halls at Nanyang Crescent will take in their first residents in August. With an increase of some 3,600 beds over the previous year, we are for the first time, able to offer all new students a two-year housing guarantee.

Be sure to check out our pages on Hall Living for more information.

Apply for housing by clicking on the button below. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you when you check-in.


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