NTU-LKC Shuttle Buses


Free Shuttle Bus Service between NTU Yunnan and Novena Campuses

Free inter-campus shuttle bus service is available between NTU Yunnan and Novena Campuses with pick-up/drop-off points, at:-

  • Experimental Medicine Building (NTU Yunnan Campus)
  • NIE/ Lee Wee Nam Library bus stop
  • ADM bus stop
  • Hall 11 bus stop
  • Toh Kian Chui Annex (NTU Novena Campus)


This service will operate between campuses from Mondays to Fridays, except Public Holidays. 9 shuttle trips will be operating from 11 August 2020.

​​Shuttle Bus Pick-up Schedule
(NTU Yunnan Campus -
Experimental Medicine Building)
(Mon - Fri, except Public Holidays)

​8.15 am
​1.15 pm
​9.15 am
​2.15 pm
​10.15 am
​3.15 pm
​11.15 am
​4.15 pm

​5.30 pm



​​Shuttle Bus Pick-up Schedule
(NTU Novena Campus)
(Mon - Fri, except Public Holidays)

​8.15 am​1.15 pm
​9.15 am
​2.15 pm
​10.15 am
3.15 pm​
​11.15 am
4.15 pm​

​5.30 pm


Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid missing the bus.

For staff who need to transport research items (only non-hazardous items are allowed) or bulky items, please seek help from the bus driver and place the items in the bus luggage compartment before boarding the bus.

With this inter-campus shuttle service, all staff should fully utilize the service and should not claim for travel expense reimbursement between NTU Yunnan and Novena campuses, unless supported by his or her Reporting Officer.


For enquiries, please email shuttlebus@ntu.edu.sg

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