Use of Facilities & Rates


  • Only NTU students and staff are eligible to use the facilities. Other persons may only use the facilities as guests of the student/staff with payment of guest fee at the Sports & Recreation Centre General Office.  The student/staff is required to accompany their guests during the facility usage. 
  • Gymnasiums, however, are not open to guests.
  • NTU student matriculation/ staff card must be produced when requested for verification purposes. 


Recreational Play

Other than the following facilities which are governed by their respective usage/membership rules, all other facilities are open for shared recreational play on a 'when-available' basis.  No reservation of facilities is allowed, except for approved activities by organized groups.  For more information, please refer to Group Booking of Facilities.


​Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis and Squash Facilities

  • Individual bookings must be made via the Online Booking System before use.  The system is open to NTU full-time students (undergraduates, postgraduates and exchange students) and staff.  Users are advised to read the Online Booking System Terms & Conditions before proceeding to book the facilities.



Rate (with GST) per session


Before 7.00pm

After 7.00pm

NTU Student & Staff



NTU Student
(Part-Time/ MOE Bridging)





The North Hill Gym is located at the North Hill Halls of Residence - Binjai Hall.  It is the largest gym on campus.  Open to NTU students and staff, registration as a member must be done before admission is allowed.  The free membership can be registered online and has to be renewed annually.  

The Athletes' Gym  located at The Wave is specially set up for varsity athletes in NTU, for their strength and conditioning rehabilitation.  


Swimming Pool

Entry to the swimming pool is by producing one of the following:

- NTU Student Matriculation / Staff Card
- NTU Swimming Pool Membership Card

NTU full-time students (undergraduates, postgraduates and exchange students) and full-time staff can access the swimming pool for free. 



Rate (with GST)

NTU Student & Staff (Full-time)

Student/ Staff Card


NTU Student (Part-Time/MOE Bridging)

Pool Membership Individual
(6 months)


Pool Membership Individual
(1 year)


Spouse/Children above 18 years old of:

NTU Student & Staff (Full-Time)

Pool Membership Family Individual (1 year)


Family (Parents/Children 18 years old & above) of:

NTU Student & Staff (Full-Time) 

Pool Membership Family
(1 year)



NTU Swimming Pool Membership
Please refer to the application and payment process on the form:
 Swimming Pool Membership Form .pdf

Sports & Recreation Centre
110 Nanyang Crescent
Singapore 636956

General Office (located at The Wave level 1)

Mon - Thu: 8.30am - 5.45pm
Fri: 8.30am - 5.15pm

Payment service ends 1 hour before closing time.
Payment Mode: NETs or Cash Card (non-refundable)

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