Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  1. The entire Sports & Recreation Centre, including the outdoor facilities and carpark areas, are designated smoke-free. All users are to refrain from smoking in these areas.

  2. SRC reserves the right to cancel and recall SRC facilities bookings and reservations without prior notice to meet business need.  

  3. Only non-marking soled shoes should be worn on the indoor courts. Players should be suitably attired.

  4. For your safety, you are advised to stop play outdoors and move into nearby buildings when there is lightning or when the lightning warning siren is sounded or when it is raining.

  5. All activities after 9.00pm should be within acceptable noise level in order not to cause disturbances to the nearby staff quarters. No excessive noise levels or use of PA systems are allowed after 10.00pm and before 9.00am.

  6. Animals/pets are not allowed at the sports facilities including the outdoor and indoor facilities, running track and all playing fields.

  7. Day lockers are provided to store your belongings while you exercise. You are strongly encouraged not to bring valuable belongings while having your workouts.  Overnight use of the lockers is not permitted. Please clear out your belongings by 10.00pm.

  8. Users are requested to take good care of the facility & equipment. Any damage should be reported to the staff on duty immediately. If the damage is not a result of normal wear and tear but due to misuse, users will be held responsible for its repair/replacement. 

  9. Users should not be using the facility under the influence of any substances, medication and/or alcohol that may affect their physical, mental and cognitive state.

The Sports and Recreation Centre reserves the right to refuse usage of sports facilities to any person who breaches the rules and regulations. Appropriate action will be taken against anyone who fails to comply by the rules.

Nanyang Technological University, its staff and agents, shall not be liable or be held responsible for any mishap, injury, disability, death, damage or loss of property or any other loss/damage arising from or in connection with the use of its sports facilities/equipment.


Fitness Gyms

  • Proper exercise attire with covered sports shoes must be worn at all times.

  • A personal towel is to be used on all benches and machines. Sharing of towel is not allowed.

  • Surfaces to be wiped down after use.

  • Return all equipment to their respective racks after use. No equipment is permitted to be removed from the gym.  Theft will be referred to the police.

  • Power Platform must be used with presence of spotters. Work out with appropriate strength.  Do not throw weights but lower them gently.

  • No food or drink is allowed at the workout areas, with the exception of water and sports drink in a capped plastic bottle. Please clear away any spillage.

  • Portable devices, ie mobile phones, music players, etc should be made inaudible to other users and properly secured to the body of the user while exercising.

  • Do not make and take phone calls on the machine or during workouts.

  • Turn off all lights and air-conditioning of the facility, and tidy up if they are the last user of the facility.


Swimming Pool

  • Users must have proof of identity when requested by using the pool staff. Users without valid passes are liable to pay entry fees or will be refused admission to the pool. An adult guardian must accompany any child under 12 years of age when the child is in the swimming pool.

  • Children above the age of 6 years are not permitted to enter changing rooms of the opposite sex. Users are required to change their clothing in the changing rooms.

  • Proper swimming attire must be worn. No underwear should be worn under the swimming attire.

  • Users must take a shower before entering the pool.

  • Unless approved by the pool staff, no swimming aid/equipment other than swim goggles is allowed.

  • No spitting, plunging and diving are permitted in the pool.

  • Animals/pets are not allowed entry to the swimming pool complex.

  • Consumption of food and flavoured drink are not permitted at the pool vicinity.

  • Only pool staff are allowed to wear footwear on the pool deck.

  • The diving pool is not open for recreational use.

  • Users must exit the pool at the sound of the lifeguard’s whistle, 15 minutes before the closing time of the swimming pool complex or when it is deemed unsafe to be in the pool during inclement weather.

  • The pool staff reserves the right to deny usage of the swimming pool to anyone, who in their professional opinion, is suffering from any infectious or contagious disease.


Artificial Pitch

The following are prohibited uses:                                                 

  • Use of seeds, beans, soap, paint, detergent, flour, solvent, other fluids and possible contaminants.

  • Use or introduction of sharp materials including nails, pins, pegs or rocks.

  • Set-ups with point loads including tables, chairs, platform and stages.

  • Tug-of-war and events involving dragging along the surfaces.

  • Activities deemed to be environmentally unfriendly – including water bombs, and activities with excessive water wastage.


  • To clear away all foreign materials introduced during the event.

  • To clear away all debris and wastes from the events and deposit them at the Bin Centre at Hall 6.

  • The afternoon surface temperature of the artificial pitch may exceed 50 degrees. Please ensure that participants are properly attired with shoes and clothing and properly hydrated.


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