Day lockers are provided to store your belongings while you exercise. You are strongly encouraged not to bring valuable belongings while having your workouts.  Overnight use of the lockers is not permitted. 

Use of the lockers is at your own risk. NTU shall not be held liable for any loss or damage of any nature to any of the items kept in the lockers provided.

Locker Recovery
SRC General Office 67905169 (office hours only)


​Type​Location​Operation Mode
Self-Automated Electronic LockersThe Wave
North Hill Gym
Instructions for use are pasted on the lockers.

Once you have stored your belonging and closed the locker door, the next time you open it, you will have to remove all your belonging. The password will be re-set and you will not be able to open it again using the same password.

For example, you cannot open your locker and take out a towel and then close it and hope that you can reopen it later. You have to key in a set of new password for a new locker.


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