University Sports Scheme (USS)


The University Sports Scheme is established under Category B & C of the Hall Admission Scheme (HAS) to assist varsity sports athletes to optimize their chances of securing on-campus housing in a residence hall. This is part of the University's support to varsity sports athletes who commit substantial time and effort in training and representing the University. It aims to help them to better manage their time between studies and sports.


The Sports and Recreation Centre (S & R Centre) administers this scheme.


All undergraduate and NIE postgraduate varsity athletes are eligible to be placed on the USS.


Scheme Structure

The USS comprises the USS Room Scheme and the USS Point Scheme. Eligible athletes may apply for recommendation under the USS Room or USS Point Scheme, provided they meet the selection criteria/banding.

USS Room Scheme

Limited to 550 guaranteed places in twin-sharing rooms for eligible athletes subject to the following selection criteria/banding:


The various sports are given due consideration before they are banded into Band A, B, C & D. These are based on many factors and are reviewed periodically.

Some of these factors include:

  • Importance and relevance of the sport to the University and local tertiary institutions in general;
  • The level of commitment required of athletes for that particular sport;
  • Standard of competitions locally, particularly amongst the local tertiary institutions;
  • The contribution towards campus vibrancy.

Banding Classification provides the full list of sports and their banding.

Band A: Capped at 60% of each varsity team
Band B: Capped at 50% of each varsity team
Band C: Capped at 30% of each varsity team
Band D: Not automatically allocated any cap; only high profile varsity or national athletes may be recommended to be on the scheme.

Room Allocation

Successful applicants who have opted under USS Room Scheme will be allocated a place in a twin-sharing unit at one of the halls of residence (under HAS Category B). While athletes could indicate their preferred hall of residence, they might not be allocated accordingly as the USS Room Scheme has limited places in all halls of residence.  Thereafter, any unused places under the USS Room Scheme would be released for allocation under HAS Category C.


USS Point Scheme

Athletes not supported to USS Room Scheme will be awarded ECA points (USS Point Scheme). Athletes would be awarded either 3, 5 or 7 ECA points based on their level of contribution and representation in the varsity sports teams.

Opting Out of the USS Room Scheme

As the USS Room Scheme does not provide eligible athletes with a choice of single rooms or guarantee allocation to desired hall of residence, athletes have the choice not to apply for a room under the USS Room Scheme and attempt to obtain on-campus accommodation under the USS Point Scheme.

In this instance, athletes would have to apply for hostel place using the awarded ECA points via HAS Category C. However, in the event that they fail to obtain a hostel place via HAS Category C, they would not be allowed to re-join the USS Room Scheme in the same year of application.  Athletes who need on-campus accommodation are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for hostel place under the USS Room Scheme.

Athletes on USS Room Scheme going for Exchange ProgramMEs

Those on our Room Scheme and going for exchange program in Semester 1 need not apply on the Hall Admission System.

However, they must send email notification to [Ms Ng Bee Leng -] from Student Housing (one month prior to their return to Singapore) to inform of their return, indicating that they are on the Room Scheme and request for hostel room. Student Housing will then place them on the priority queue to be allocated a room in Semester 2.

The deadline for students applying for the hall accommodation upon their return from exchange programme will be by 15 March 2016. Early notification is preferred.


Recreational Sports

Sports of a recreational nature are not eligible for the USS Room or USS Point. However, students could be considered to have met the minimum requirement for involvement in campus life. They would be awarded 0 ECA points which make them eligible to submit an application for a room in a residence hall under HAS Category C.

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