Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:As a full-time graduate student, am I guaranteed on-campus housing when I apply for housing?
A:No, there are no guarantees as demand for on-campus housing far exceeds supply.
Q2:May I continue residing in graduate housing if I convert to a part-time candidature or terminate my candidature?
A:No, you may not. On-campus graduate housing is meant for full-time graduate students only.
Q3:Will I get to reside in the same room throughout the lease period?
A:Student Housing reserves the right to relocate residents from one room/apartment to another for renovation works or regrouping purposes.
Q4:I have been assigned on-campus housing at a hall but would like to be assigned to another. How do I request a change?
A:Please write to Student Housing. If your request is granted, a non-refundable administrative fee of $100 is due. Note that requests are normally granted for medical reasons only. Those who exchange their rooms without consent will be evicted, fined $150 and have their deposit forfeited.
Q5:Must I pay rent during the vacation period or when I am out of Singapore e.g., for a holiday?
A:Yes, rental is required throughout the period of your lease.
Q6:May I choose my roommate?
A:We will try to accommodate your request but cannot give any guarantees.
Q7:Is graduate housing wheelchair-friendly?
A:Yes, the wheelchair-accessible lifts in both Graduate Hall 1 & 2 stop at all levels.
Q8:How do I extend my stay when my tenancy ends?
A:Extensions are not possible as demand for housing exceeds supply.
Q9:How do I connect to the Internet from my room/apartment?
A:You will need your own computer/ laptop and a network cable, which you can purchase on campus at Eight Flags Computer Systems and Supplies.
Q10:Are meals provided?
A:No, however, the eateries on campus should cater to your meals. You may also purchase groceries from our on-campus supermarkets to prepare your own meals.
Q11:How much does it cost to use the coin-operated washing machines?
A:It costs $1.
Q12:Are there items I should purchase?
A:Depending on your personal needs, you may want to purchase bed linen, pillows, a mattress protector, electric kettle, iron, utensils, cutlery, toiletries etc.. Some of these items are available from the retail outlets and supermarkets on campus.
Q13:After I check out will I receive my rental deposit?
A:Please refer to our page on checking-out from on-campus housing.
Q14:Do you have advice for locating and securing off-campus housing?
A:Yes, please refer to our pages on Off-Campus Housing.
Q15:Does the university offer short-term on-campus housing?
A:Yes, at the Nanyang Executive Centre.
Q16:Why are the fees at Graduate Hall 2 higher than Graduate Hall 1, in particular, the married couples’ rooms?
A:Rooms at Graduate Hall 2 are comparatively larger. Married couples’ rooms are provided in ten 2-bedroom apartments – 1 bedroom with en-suite bathroom whilst the other with a common bathroom. The layout of double rooms at Graduate Hall 2 is such that each resident has their own sleeping and study areas within the rooms and separate access doors. This is different from Graduate Hall 1, where the sleeping and study areas are shared. More facilities are provided in Graduate Hall 2. Besides those facilities that are provided in Graduate Hall 1, there is a Reading Room, a gymnasium, a Function Room and a Multipurpose Room.
Q17:What are the differences in facilities provided between Graduate Hall 1 and Graduate Hall 2?
A:Graduate Hall 2 has a Reading Room, Pantries on every level, a Student's Lounge, Laundry Rooms on alternate floors (except Level 1), a Gym, Function Room & Multipurpose Room. Graduate Hall 1 has a Pantry and Laundry Room at each of the three lobbies and a Student's lounge.
Q18:Can I choose which Hall I want to stay in?
A:Yes, you may state your preference in the application. However, if the room type offered to you is not your preference, it means that the room choice is not available. Appeals for a change of room or Halls will not be entertained. Offers not taken up will be given to students on the waiting list.
Q19:What happens if my room choice is not available? Do I have to resubmit an application if I do not get my choice of room or Hall?
A:You will automatically be considered for another hall and/or other room types. You are not required to resubmit another application.
Q20:Can residents of Graduate Hall 1 transfer to Graduate Hall 2 and vice versa?
Q21:Can I queue for rooms at a particular Hall? For example, spouse rooms at Graduate Hall 1?
A:We have a designated number of spouse rooms and the waiting list for spouse rooms shall be maintained as a generic waiting list, applying to both Graduate Hall 1 and Graduate Hall 2.
Q22:Will senior students be allowed to apply for Graduate Housing?
A:Yes, senior students may submit their applications for on-campus housing. However, priority will be given to incoming graduate students who have not studied or stayed in Singapore before.

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