Online Vacate Notice

You are required to submit a online vacate notice at least two quarter-months before your departure. Provide all required information accurately as the information you provide will be used by the NSS Finance (NTU Shared Services - Finance division) to process the refund of your rental deposit.

Settle all Outstanding Payments

Next, please settle all outstanding payments. Two weeks before your departure, send an email to the Hall Admin Office of your assigned Hall confirming that you have no outstanding payments. Students with outstanding fees will be barred from viewing examination results in the current semester and from registering courses in the following semester. For graduating students, an administrative hold on your degree certificate and transcript will be imposed until all outstanding fees are cleared. Outstanding fees may be settled at One Stop@SAC. Late payment fees apply.

Vacating your Room

You are required to remove all your belongings, unwanted items and rubbish -- tidy and clean your room -- remove your bicycle from the bicycle lots, if any - terminate your telephone line, if any. You will be charged if the services of a contractor are required to clean, repair and/or remove any items left behind after you vacate your room. Do note that items left behind after check out will be disposed without liability.

Returning of Keys

Please return your keys to the Admin Office by 2pm of the check-out date. Should this date fall on a weekend or public holiday, please enclose the keys in a sealed envelope with your full name, matriculation number & address and drop this envelope in the box outside the hall office. If you do not return the keys by 2pm of the check-out date, you will be charged a daily rate until the keys are returned. This late charge will be deducted from your deposit.

Rental Deposit

NSS Finance will refund your rental deposit (less any cleaning, repair or removal charges) within eight to ten weeks after you have returned your room keys, completed all other check-out procedures and settled all outstanding payments.

If you are leaving Singapore after you check-out, please ensure you provide all required details completely and accurately in the online vacate notice so that the NSS Finance may tele-transfer (TT) your deposit into your nominated overseas account. You are liable for the cancellation charges of the transaction if you fail to receive the cheque due to incorrect or incomplete information provided by you. You will be required to provide the name, account number & international bank account number (IBAN) of the beneficiary and the name, branch, address & swift code of the beneficiary's bank.

If you will still be residing in Singapore after you check out, please provide your new mailing address for a cheque to be sent to you. You will be liable for cancellation charges if you fail to receive the cheque due to an incorrect or incomplete address. NSS Finance does not accept on-campus mailing addresses such as the address of a laboratory or residence hall address. If you have yet to secure off-campus housing and a corresponding mailing address, you may nominate a friend or relative to receive the cheque at his or her address.

Redirect your Mail

Please inform all your contacts of your new mailing address. You may also wish to engage SingPost to redirect all your mail to your new address. Please contact SingPost for details. Housing Services will not be responsible for any mail/parcels sent to your address after you check out.

Illegal Squatting

Residents who stay beyond the duration of their leases are considered illegal squatters and all necessary action will be taken against them.

Off-Campus Housing

If you will be looking for off-campus housing after you check-out, you may wish to refer to our Off-Campus Housing pages.


Please email Student Housing at should you have any enquiries on checking out of graduate housing. Thank you.

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