Locating Car Parks

Perhaps the best way to locate car parks at or near your destination is to use the interactive campus map. Alternatively, you can view the location of all car parks.

The campus car parks are grouped into five zones - Zone 1, Zone 2a, Zone 2b, Zone 3 (Covered) and Zone 3. Car parks in different zones have different parking charges at different times. Please refer to our page on Zones & Charges.

Car parks at NIE are managed independently by the NIE administration.

Charging System

Campus car parks use a Semi EPS (Electronic Parking System) -- At the entry gantry, the vehicle's IU is read and the barrier is lifted. Payment of parking charges, if any, is made by inserting a NETS cashcard at the exit gantry kiosk.

For foreign-registered vehicles without an IU (In-vehicle Unit), please insert a NETS cashcard into the entry gantry kiosk. To exit the car park, insert the same NETS cashcard into the exit gantry kiosk. Parking charges, if applicable will be deducted from the stored value.

NETS Cashcards can be topped-up at NETS top-up kiosks, AXS machines, and ATMs available all over campus.

For enquiries, please email us at carpark@ntu.edu.sg

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