Growth Mindset by Dr Granville Ed DSouz

25 Aug 2021 10.30 AM - 12.00 PM Current Students

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About the Seminar:
Growth mindset is defined as a belief that the most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Recent neuroscientific discoveries have shown us that we can increase our neural growth by the actions we take, such as using good strategies, asking questions, practicing, and following good nutrition and sleep habits.

During the webinar, students will learn how to change the way they see challenges, what to do when faced with challenges as well as how to adopt best practices and a positive attitude when receiving feedback and criticism.

About the Speaker:
Granville is the Group CEO of EQ Asia Pte Ltd and Peak Performers, a consulting and training practice specialising in organisational behaviour and performance. The group designs and facilitates corporate and adult workshops that focus on enhancing performance at all levels, dealing with change, forging powerful partnerships in organisations and building individual resilience and team resilience. In addition, he does developmental coaching that deals with deeper emotional issues caused from past programming.