Effective Persuasion by Mr Fred Then (Optional: Live Coaching session)

21 Apr 2021 12.00 PM - 12.45 PM Current Students

Venue: Livestream
Register your interest here before 20 April 2021

About the session:  

Neuroscience research has shown that mere facts do not convince people. So, what does and how can you write a proposal that gets people to be on your side? Join Mr Fred Then for a live coaching session that will provide demonstrations of solutions with the use of the Effective Persuasion (EP) method.

The coaching session is open to all students (including those who did not attend the Effective Persuasion seminar held on 14th April 2021) who are interested to know more about the use of the Effective Persuasion (EP) method. Students may send in *sample situations (e.g. research pitch, proposals) and Mr Fred Then will provide coaching with the intent to deepen the participants’ learning.

Do note that this coaching session will not be counted for the attendance requirements.

*Please do send in your sample situations to gc-events@ntu.edu.sg

About the speaker: 

Fred Then is an entrepreneur (7 start-ups in 7 years!), entrepreneurship educator, business coach, neuromarketeer, author and designer. He has over 20 years of start-up experience with both local and overseas organizations. In Singapore, Fred has lectured and coached 2,000 individuals and start-up teams. His intense coaching has helped entrepreneurs reduce their business failures by 90%.