Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the app can be downloaded outside of Singapore. However, do note that it is available in English only. Volunteers in China will be able to download only via the App Store. If you reside in China and are keen to contribute or sign up for a volunteering activity for Service Week, please reach out to Mr Jensen Tan at [email protected], who will guide you through the steps.

Yes, of course! We have overseas service initiatives led by NTU Alumni Associations that you can sign up for. Look out for the locations listed in the initiative or project description in the Zeles VMS app and ensure that the location is where you are residing.

Alternatively, if you have other service initiatives that you are keen to feature under NTU Service Week, write to us at [email protected].
NTU Service Week is about volunteerism and giving our time or expertise back to society. If you are keen to support financially, do look out for NTU Giving Day on 23 March 2022. We will be raising funds for NTU Priorities Fund and the School Advancement Funds.
Your volunteering activity will be excluded from NTU Service week.
Volunteering can be done outside of NTU Service Week. Even if your volunteering activity is not conducted as part of NTU Service Week, we are happy to highlight your volunteering experiences when we publicise NTU Service Week as a way to inspire others. 

Each volunteer activity is allocated with volunteer points by Zeles based on the nature of the activity, duration and skills required.

Scale up the impact of your volunteerism during NTU Service Week. When you volunteer your time, you accumulate points for your service to the community. At the end of Service Week, NTU plans to convert these points into donations supported by a donor for the NTU Priorities Fund, to support financially disadvantaged students, bridge the digital divide and address urgent needs of the university. Together with your support, we can make a greater impact for society and our students.

The clocking of attendance is a second layer of assurance that attendance is attributed only to volunteers who carry out their registered activities. The NTU Service Week verification volunteer activity code or QR code will be shared with you during your volunteering activity.
Log in to Zeles and clock attendance for the initiatives or projects you have signed up for during NTU Service Week. You will need an activity code or to scan a QR code to clock your attendance. This code will be provided to you during your volunteering activity. Reach out to the initiative/project organiser if the code has not been provided to you by the time you have completed your volunteering commitment. Your volunteer hours will be recorded automatically. Read more here.
In addition to the terms and conditions listed under each service initiative, please follow the safe management measures when volunteering in person.
The skills are not the key determining factor; the heart to give back to society is what is important. Do download the Zeles VMS app and browse through the service initiatives or projects to see if there are any suitable ones you would enjoy doing. Don’t forget to check out the terms and conditions and any other pertinent information about your selected initiative or project. Some initiatives have volunteer eligibility requirements.
Yes, you can. However, priority will be given to members of the OneNTU community.
For first-time users, download the Zeles VMS app on your mobile device. Register for an account with Zeles. During the registration process, do indicate in the remarks if you are an NTU Alumnus/NTU Student/NTU Staff/NTU Supporter. Next, log in to Zeles and search for NTU posted activities, and register for the initiative or project you are interested in. A confirmation email/notification will be sent to you when you have been successfully registered. Read more here
The time commitment is dependent on the initiatives or projects. The venue and the duration of commitment will be indicated under each project listing within the Zeles VMS app. Download the Zeles VMS app on the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Click here to find out how to register.
You can write in to [email protected] with screenshots of your issue so that we can get back to you as efficiently as possible.
NTU Giving Day is a full-day event that brings together the OneNTU community to raise funds for University-wide needs and school-specific priorities. It is also a platform to celebrate the impact of giving to NTU and for our OneNTU community to support causes and missions they care about. Funds raised during NTU Giving Day go towards the NTU Bursary Fund, NTU Priorities Fund, NTU Sustainability Fund, NTU Wellbeing fund and School Advancement Funds.
Though a public university, NTU is not fully funded by the government. Over the years, NTU has raised funds from various sources to reduce reliance on public funding and to ensure continuity in what we have been doing and providing for our students’ education.
NTU Giving Day will commence on 23 March 2023 with an official launch event. Watch this space for more details.
There is no minimum gift size. Every gift matters and we are thankful for donations of any amount.
Please write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
NTU Giving Day supports the NTU Bursary Fund, NTU Priorities Fund, NTU Sustainability Fund, NTU Wellbeing Fund and School Advancement Funds. If you would like to support a different cause at NTU, find out more about our Areas of Support and gift to an area that resonates the most with you.
Security is of utmost priority in all donation matters of the University. Our Payment Gateway Provider is an authorised Visa company, and their network is managed as part of Visa’s network operations, renowned for security and reliability. They are compliant with relevant mandates such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
Yes, please call us on our Phonathon number (65) 6592 3112 between 6.30pm to 8.30pm (Monday to Thursday) and we would be happy to assist you in making your gift.
Yes. All eligible gifts made by Singapore tax residents are tax-deductible at 2.5 times the gift value.