WUR Overseas Study Trip

Overseas study trip to Wageningen University and Research is one of the highlights of my study in NTU. Being a CHFS student in NTU that loves all food science related, a week of studying in WUR Food Physics Lab and interacting with the WUR professors and teaching assistants was very rewarding. This is a special opportunity to have a taste of what it is like to be a student in one of the best university that offers major in food science and technology. Using the technology offered in the laboratory for measuring the rheology properties, we grasped a deeper understanding of the rheology concepts. We also had the opportunity to interact with Dutch students in WUR, exchanging our ideas and culture from both part of the world.

The next two weeks of company visit was also very eye-opening. Visiting farms, research institutes, and manufacturers provided insight on the application of the knowledge that we have, especially in terms of food processing and quality management system. Through this, we learnt the process of extracting sugar from sugar beets, producing coffee powder, trying some meat replacement products, and many more.

This study trip has opened my horizon to food industries and how we can contribute. We were learning more each day and having so much fun. A memorable study trip, for sure!

Janet Vidya
Year 4, CHFS Student (AY19/20)

In the first week of school, we had laboratory classes everyday in the afternoon. We had pretty much free time to visit the market and cook our own meals. It was a great bonding session as we get to cook together and share ingredients with our neighbours. During the weekend, we went to Keukenhof tulip garden to catch the last glimpse of the tulips before the tulip season ends. The industrial visit on the 2nd week was an eye opening experience as we visited cheese farm, brewery and various R&D companies which I never had the chance to visit in Singapore.

Having studied in an overseas university during my semester exchange, I was not expecting much from WUR. That all changed when the bus arrived in WUR. The vibrant greenery landscape was breath-taking, and the weather was cooling. The Lecturers were friendly and open to questions, making lab sessions engaging and informative. During that two weeks in WUR, we visited food production companies such as Bavaria and Ruitenberg and gain wonderful insight on how food is mass-produced. During the weekends, we took the opportunity to head over to the Keukenhof tulip gardens, as well as the open-air museum. I was particularly fond of the open-air museum as I was able to explore the traditional windmills and culture of Netherlands. There, we visited blacksmiths and craftsmen, creating metalcrafts and food products such as cheese and honey. 

Chu Jia En
Year 4, CHFS Student (AY19/20)

After the 2 weeks in Netherlands, my friends and I flew to Iceland to explore the wonders of the land of fire and ice. Apart from the spectacular vast blue skies and natural landscapes, the place was full of magnificent geological sites such as geysers, waterfalls and glaciers. Unlike the bustling city of Singapore, Iceland was calm and quiet. During the road trip, we are often awed by the amazing views just by driving around. We even got to experience the midnight sun and snow, although it was the summer season. After Iceland, we headed to the buzzing city of London, where we soak in the atmosphere of watching a soccer match in a pub and touring the unique landmarks of London. The musical we attended over there was amazing and I recommend giving it a try, albeit the tickets can be pricey. Overall, it was a fruitful trip for me and I wish I would be able to go again.

Douglas Teo Xi Ze
Year 4, BSFS Student (AY19/20)

My two-weeks study trip to Wageningen University & Research (WUR) was unbelievable. I believe it was definitely a mind-blowing and unforgettable trip that every NTU-FST students will forever cherish. First and foremost is the amazing exposure to famous and established family food businesses in the Netherlands. This program was well-planned and is an excellent learning exposure, I was deeply inspired and regained my passion to work in the food industry. It was very different from our everyday method of learning, in which we go to lectures and slowly bore ourselves from the extensive theories and studying. For example, I see how our theoretical knowledge of food science and technology was brought into practical application in transforming a food company from being based on cooking skills to be based on science and research. I learnt how small companies grow into being giants with the incorporation of science and engineering into its production. 

Secondly, the professors and staffs at WUR were very welcoming. All of us had a great time. Not to mention, WUR is a beautiful school where one of my friends even said that everywhere in WUR can be a profile picture background. Last but not least, I really have to thank NTU FST and WUR for this opportunity to experience a new and very different culture, which is the European culture. For example, we are exposed to different food, weather, work life, and people. This trip was like a breath of fresh air after our stressful exam periods. For me personally, this trip has opened my eyes to see a different side of the globe and also a different side of life. I regained my passion as well as dreams through the trip, and as they say when you dream, believe and take action. You achieve even the impossible. In short, this trip really diversifies FST programme from other programmes and for those of you who are yet to enjoy the trip: work hard, be patient, don’t give up as it will definitely be worthwhile!

Adela Annalisa Alimin
Year 4, BSFS Student (AY19/20)

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