Welcome Sessions for FST Students
​August 2014 ​Welcome Session for First Batch of Students in Second Major in Food Science and Technology Programme
August 2015 ​Welcome Session for Second Batch of Students in Second Major in Food Science and Technology Programme
​August 2016 ​Welcome Session for Third Batch of Students in Second Major in Food Science and Technology Programme
​August 201​7​Welcome Session for Fourth Batch of Students in Second Major in Food Science and Technology Programme
​August 2018

Welcome Session for ​Fifth Batch of Students in Second Major in Food Science and Technology Programme

NTU Food Science and Technology Society Lecture Series
​March 2016 ​Life of Food Scientist
​October 2016 ​Where Does Our Food Come From?
​January 2017 ​Future of Food in Singapore: Manufacturing & Production
​October 2017​Ideas Today, Food Tomorrow: A Seminar on Food Innovation in the 21st Century
​April 2018​Food Waste Symposium
​November 2018
Behind the Science: The Inner Workings of the Food Industry​

Newly Joined FST Adjunct Facul​ties
​April 2016 ​Associate Professor Matthew Tan, Chief Technology Officer, Oceanus Limited; Co-Chair, Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Fishery at APEC
​May 2016 ​Associate Professor Stan Mah, President of Coca-cola, Japan
​June 2016 ​Associate Professor Ralph Graichen, Director of Food and Nutrition, A*STAR; formerly Senior Manager, Abbott Nutrition
​February 2017 ​Associate Professor Paul Chiew, Group Director, Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore

External Visitors to FST Programme Office
​April 2016 ​Ministry of Economic Affairs from The Netherlands and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
​April 2016 ​China Council for International Trade Jilin Committee
​May 2016 ​Prof. Fariba Dehghani, Director of Food Processing Centre, University of Sydney, Australia
​July 2016 ​Thai Beverage Senior Management
​July 2016 ​College of Bioengineering and Biotechnology, Zhejiang University of Technology, China
​September 2016 ​Senior Management from Waters Corporation
​November 2016 ​Senior Management from Agilent Technology
​January 2017 ​Senior Management from QAF Limited
​January 2017​Senior Management from Zhong Feng International, China
February 2017Senior Management, VP from Agilent
​February 2017​Dutch Vertical Farming Consortium
​March 2017​SVP from Roquette Frères
​March 2017​Management from Ferrero
​April 2017HSA Visitors​
​April 2017​Spring Singapore Visitors on Food Innovation Cluster
​April 2017Visitors from ​Prima Group
​April 2017​Management from Buhler Group
​July 2017​Management from ILSI Southeast Asia Region
​July 2017Visitors from ​Four Seasons Durian
​July 2017​Visitiors from TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd
​July 2017Visitors from ​Zhejiang University of Technology
August 2017Visitors from Kikkoman Singapore
August 2017​Visitors from Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore)
​September 2017​Visitors from SIA
​October 2017​Visitors from Thong Siek Food Industry
​December 2017​Visitors from SPRING Singapore
​January 2018​Visitors from F&N
​February 2018​Visitors from Iceman
March 2018​Visitors from Asia Pacific Breweries (S) Pte Ltd
​June 2018​​Visitors from SongHe ​
​July 2018
​Visitors from Singapore Government Investment Arm
August 2018
Visitors from Singapore Ministry of National Development
​October 2018
​Visitors from Baohong 
​November 2018
​SME Industry Visit
​January 2019
​Minister Visit to the Joint NTU-F&N Lab

Media Coverage
​January 2014 ​ The Straits Times: ‘NTU to offer food science course with Dutch uni’
(Click here)
​January 2015 ​Channel NewsAsia: Future Forward programme: What's for Dinner - Sustainable Food Supply (Click here)
​June 2015 ​ The Straits Times: ‘NTU scientists use yeast to take waste of waste oil’
(Click here)
​April 2016

 ​The New Paper: Meat Glue and Food Safety

 (For Article: Click here)

 (For YouTube: Click here)

​April 2016 ​The Straits Times: ‘Turning soya bean waste into a medium for yeast to grow on’(Click here)
​May 2016 ​ Channel NewsAsia: NTU-Wageningen Partnership (Click here)
​November 2016 ​ The Straits Times: Food Fermentation (Click here)

​January 2017

March 2017

March 2017

​ Channel 8 Evening News: Food Preservatives and Safety (Click here)

The Straits Times: 'Turning soya bean waste into packaging' 

The Straits Times: 'NTU on the hunt for top minds in food science' (Click here)

​April 2017​Gardenia Scholarship (from 2017 for at least 5 years)
​May 2017​Channel NewsAsia: Keeping imported meat in Singapore safe for consumption (Click here)
​May 2017​Channel NewsAsia: Food Safety on Sushi worms in Japan (Click here)
​May 2017​TODAY: Food Security (Click here)
​June 2017​Channel NewsAsia: Food Safety and Packaging Technology
​September 2017​Channel 5 Talking Point: Issues Related to Food Safety
​September 2017​Channel 5 Evening News: Pesticides and Food Safety
​October 2017​Nanyang Chronicle: Food Safety of Superfood for University Students
​October 2017​Channel 8 Frontline Programme: Food Deliveries and Food Safety
​October 2017​College of Engineering Interview: Valorization of Food Side Streams
​October 2017​Evening News: Self-Heating Meals and Food Safety
​October 2017​​The Straits Times: Undergrads get connected for buffet spreads

The Nanyang Chronicle: Chat group alerts students to free buffet leftovers on campus
​October 2017​The Edge Singapore: Food Tech Start-ups in Singapore
​November 2017​TODAY Newspaper's Sunday Spotlight: Dumpster divers to the rescue of 'ugly' but edible food
​November 2017​Mediacorp's Hello Singapore series 'Future Singapore': Future Food
​November 2017​​Evening News on Circular Economy: Closed Loop Farming
​February 2018​Channel NewsAsia: Our Food Innovations on Biodegradable Packaging
​February 2018​Channel 8's Future Singapore Programme: Our Food Research and Innovation
​April 2018
​Channel 8's Morning Express Programme
​April 2018
​Channel NewsAsia Singapore Tonight: Food Safety
​May 2018
Channel NewsAsia: Part I - Alternative Food Sources
​June 2018
​Channel NewsAsia:
Part II - Beneficial Microbes and Food Quality
Part III - Food Waste Valorisation and Circular Economy 
​July 2018
Channel NewsAsia Singapore Tonight: Singapore Food Security Focusing on Technology-driven Farming
​August 2018
​BBC World News: Singapore Food Security
​August 2018
​Food Research Breakthrough on Natural Food Preservatives
​August 2018
​The Straits Times: Chemicals in Food and Packaging
​August 2018
​FM 95.8: NTU's Natural Food Preservative
​September 2018
​Channel NewsAsia and Channel 5: Food-Safe Reusables
​October 2018
Channel NewsAsia: Food Safety Concerns Related to Pesticides​
​November 2018
Channel 8: Possible Improvement Measures on Food Safety​
​November 2018
Channel NewsAsia: Healthier Lifestyle with Salt Substitutes​
​November 2018
​Suria TV News: Food Safety
​December 2018
​Channel 8 Frontline Programme: Food Safety Awareness
​December 2018
​Channel NewsAsia: Ground Beef Recall in the United States
​December 2018
​Channel NewsAsia and Channel 8: Investigation Results on Spize Food Poisoning
​December 2018
​Channel NewsAsia "The Year Ahead 2019" Programme: Food Technology and Food Security
​January 2019
​The Straits Times: F&N and NTU Joint Lab to Bring Food Technology Innovations to the Market
​January 2019
​The Straits Times: Turning Food Waste into Something Useful
​January 2019
​The Straits Times: Durian Science
April 2019
​The Business Times: R&D in Nutrition, Sustainability to Drive Disruption in Food Industry

FST Outreach Events
​January 2015 ​Visit to Barramundi Asia fish farm
​May 2015 Visit to Danone Nutricia Research, Biopolis
​May 2015 ​Food Security study visit to US FDA, and USDA
​March 2016 ​DutchCham Winsemius Award (Food and Nutrition) Competition 2016
​April 2016 ​Visit to F&N
​June 2016 ​US Food System Leadership Institute, California
​July 2016 ​Institute of Food Technologists (IFT16), Chicago
​August 2016 ​International Conference in Food Science and Technology, University of Sydney,
​​August 2016 ​World Bank Global Partner Event on Food Safety
​October 2016 ​27th Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth Conference, Singapore
​November 2016 ​Visit to Food Technology at Monterrey, Mexico
​November 2016 ​Food Innovation Award 2016
​November 2016 ​Food Science 2016 Conference, Singapore
​November 2016 ​NTU-WHO-FAO Conference on Food Safety
​November 2016​Coffee Chat with NTU
​January 2017 ​Food Industry Networking Event for FST Students at Raffles Place
​February 2017 ​Visit to Commonwealth Food Services
​March 2017​NTU Open House 2017
March 2017​High Tea with NTU President 
March 2017​Gala Dinner at Grand Hyatt (NTU FST Programme was one of the 3 finalists in the annual Winsemius Awards Competition 2017 on Sustainability and Innovation)
June 2017​NTU-Agilent Food Science and Technology Workshop (for JC Teachers and Students)
June 2017​Hosted Visit to NTU Food Science and Technology by Teachers and Students from Raffles Institution
July 2017​Outreach Event at Raffles Institution, National Junior College and Victoria Junior College
​August 2017​Outreach Event at Anderson Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution and River Valley High School
​October 2017​Outreach Event at Victoria Junior College
​November 2017​Coffe Chat with NTU
​November 2017​Hosted Food Science and Technology Workshop for Junior College Students
​January 2018​​College of Engineering Tea Party
​January 2018​Outreach Event at Anglo-Chinese Junior College
​February 2018​Hosted Food Science and Technology Workshop for Victoria Junior College Students
​February 2018​Outreach Event at Nanyang Junior College
​March 2018​NTU Open House
March 2018​Outreach Event at Temasek Junior College and Anglo-Chinese School Independent
​March 2018​High Tea with NTU President
March 2018​Food Industry Visit to Hai Sia Seafood Pte Ltd
​April 2018​Hosted Food Science and Technology Workshop for Dunman High School Students
​April 2018​Outreach Event at River Valley High School
​May 2018​Hosted Food Science and Technology Workshop for Hwa Chong Institution Students
​May 2018​Outreach Event at Dunman High School
​June 2018​Hosted Food Science and Technology Workshop for NTU Colleagues
​July 2018
​Outreach Event at Hwa Chong Institution
​July 2018
Outreach Event at Raffles Institution
​July 2018
​Outreach Event at Anderson Junior College
​August 2018
​Outreach Event at Millenia Institute
​August 2018
​Outreach Event at Hwa Chong Institution
​August 2018
​Hosted Food Science and Technology Workshop for Raffles Institution Students
​September 2018
​Outreach Event at River Valley High School
​January 2019
​CoE Tea Party
​January 2019
​Hosted Visit by Korean Students
​March 2019
​NTU Open House
​March 2019
Hosted Food Science and Technology Workshop for NUS High School Students
​April 2019
​Hosted Students from the Puhoro Maori STEM Academy
​April 2019
​Hosted Food Science and Technology Workshop for Students from Girl Guides and National Cadet Corps
​June 2019
​Hosted Students from seeNTU Enthuse Programme
​July 2019
​Outreach Event at Hwa Chong Institution
​July 2019
​Outreach Event at Raffles Institution
​July 2019
Outreach Event at Victoria Junior College​
August 2019
​Outreach Event at Hwa Chong Institution
​August 2019
​Hosted Students from Kobe High School

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