PhD Students

  • Dr Sabrina Wong
  • Dr Melvyn Zhang​
  • Dr Alvin Tan
  • ​Lidia Luna Puerta​​​
  • Yin Ruoyu

Scholarly Project Students (Undergraduates)

The Scholarly Project is an opportunity for LKCMedicine students to develop their research skills. In AY2022, Family Medicine & Primary Care had seven Year 4 students who were with the team during the first six weeks of school.

Student: Bin Wen Jun, Jerome, Class of 2023

Student: Kenneth Vu Chee Hao, Class of 2023

Student: Chua Zhuo Xun, Class of 2023

Student: Mark Ngui Shan Ming, Class of 2023

Student: Jeremy Teo Choon Wee, Class of 2023

Student: Ben Chua, Class of 2023

Student: Timothy Robin Chin Zi Xian, Class of 2023

Student: Chai Zhi Qi Joanne, Class of 2022

Student: Tan Wei Lin Kimberly, Class of 2022

Student: Chia Zi Rui, Class of 2022

Student: Shirin Mehnaz Ansari, Class of 2022

Student: Timothy Chan Yang Zhong, Class of 2021
Student: Shi Haixiao, Class of 2021
Student: Ng Kok Wei Roy, Class of 2021
Student: Zenn Soh Le Hua, Class of 2021
Student: See Ye King Clarence, Class of 2021
Student: Clara Lavanya Apollos, Class of 2021
Student: Richard Chan, Class of 2020
Supervisor(s): Prof Helen Smith, Prof Christian Mallen
Student: Andrea Ng, Class of 2020
Student: Phua Chuen Yen, Class of 2020
Student: Huang Jing Hui, Class of 2020
Student: Ho Wei An, Class of 2020
Student: Shaun Tan, Class of 2020
Student: Au Shu Ting, Class of 2020
Student: Chua Kee Leng, Class of 2019
Student: Judith Goh, Class of 2019
Student: Isabelle Yoong, Class of 2019
Student: Nadia Lee, Class of 2019
Student: Shawn Tan, Class of 2019 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​