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​​​Engineer For Good​

Published on : 23-Mar-2016
30-Mar-2016 - 31-Mar-2016 1500hrs - 2100hrs

VENUE : Exhibition and workshops are at the Hive Atrium, while the movie screening is at the Library Outpost. Learning visits are at the respective research centres.

Contact Information : Email us at OCommE@ntu.edu.sg
Call us at 6908 2228​​


Engineer For Good, part of #THEFORGOODSESSIONS, aims to showcase how engineering solutions can have a direct and sustainable social impact by helping the community with various social needs and to improve their quality of life and give them access to opportunities.

​​Join us and be engaged by a series of visits to leading research centres, workshops and a sharing session. There is even a movie screening that will give you a glimpse into how engineers can improve lives and create social change.