​U@live Essay Competition - Your Views on Islamophobia

Event start date: 19 Aug 2019 - Event end date: 15 Sep 2019


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Published on: 22-Aug-2019

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"Islamophobia" and "Islamic radicalism" are two sides of the same coin. While Islamophobia refers to fear of, hatred and discrimination towards Islam and Muslims, Islamic radicalism is associated with acts of violence and terrorism committed in the name of religion. It is not easy to determine whether one leads to the other, but there is clearly a connection between the two.

Is either justified?

Is the problem merely about labelling?

Do these labels reflect a hard truth?

Do these questions warrant debate?

The orginiser invite you to present your thoughts and arguments on the topic.  They seek honest and bold ideas that are actionable.  Your views will help inform the critical conversation that the panel makers will have on the U@live stage.

Top three entries will win a brand new Samsung smartphone.  The best student essay's author will also be invited to join the distinguished panel on stage. 

Submit your essay on Islamophobia here


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