EEE Mini Career Expo 2021

27 Sep 2021 - 01 Oct 2021 Current Students
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EEE Career

EEE Mini Career Expo 2021 is here!

Organized by the School of EEE in order to connect EEE students to their potential employers. The School has invited companies that have interest to reach out to EEE students due to the match of companies’ expertise and students’ training.  EEE alumni may be working there too!
Students can get engaged to your future employer by
SEARCH – Look for the name of the companies of your interest.  Get to know more companies to prepare for a wonderful career.
READ – Go through companies’ information, trade and opportunities.
THINK – What do I have to offer?  To which companies can I use my training? ….
ACT – Attend the career, sharing or interaction session.  Get to know the companies’ representatives and be known.

Training Workshop

Succeed at Digital & Face-to-Face Interviews
27 September 2021
9.00am to 12.00nn
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Workshop and Companies’ Sharing Schedule at a glance 


About the Companies


Companies Sharing and Talks

28 Sep (Tue), 12.30 pm
28 Sep (Tue), 2.00 pm
DSO National Laboratories 28 Sep (Tue), 9.30 am
29 Sep (Wed), 12.30 pm
29 Sep (Wed), 11.00 am
30 Sep (Thu), 3.30 pm
28 Sep (Tue), 11.00 am 
Marvell Asia Pte Ltd 1 Oct (Fri), 2.00 pm
27 Sep (Mon), 2.00 pm
29 Sep (Wed), 2.00 pm
27 Sep (Mon), 3.30 pm
30 Sep (Thu), 11.00 am
28 Sep (Tue), 3.30 pm
Singapore Armed Forces (Army) 30 Sep (Thu), 12.30 pm
29 Sep (Wed), 3.30 pm
ST Engineering 1 Oct (Fri), 9.30 am
1 Oct (Fri), 11.00 am
1 Oct (Fri), 3.30 pm


Request for Connection

If you want to get connected to companies, we will link you up!  Go to Request for Connection to ask questions, submit resume, or request for connection with companies.