1)  When will applications for seeNTU open?
The window for application for seeNTU will open in February. 
2) ​ How do I apply for seeNTU? 
All applications for a place in seeNTU will have to be made through your school’s seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator. The list of seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinators can be found here
3) ​ When can I apply for seeNTU?
seeNTU is open to all Year 5 and 6 (IP Schools), and JC 1 and 2 students. Application for seeNTU will open in February of the year of implementation. Application details will be uploaded to our website. Details will be released to your school’s seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator. 
4)  What is the criteria for selection?
All applications for seeNTU must be made on through our online application portal. Applications must be endorsed / recommended by your school’s seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator before due consideration is given for placement into modules. Placements will be based on academic merit. Priority will be given to JC 2 students if a module is over-subscribed. Successful candidates will be notified through your school's Teacher Coordinator.
5)  Will I have to pay a fee for seeNTU? 
Yes. A nominal charge of $20 per module will be payable once you have signed up for and we have confirmed your placement in the module. 
In the event that you are not able to attend the module(s), after having been successfully placed into it, do note that there will be NO REVERSAL of module fees regardless of the reason for your absence. Module fees will not be refunded even if your absence is covered by a valid MC.
6)  Will lunch be provided?
No, lunch will not be provided. You will have to head to the nearest canteen to purchase your own meal. We will have student assistants on site each day to point you in the direction of the nearest canteen. Alternatively, you may wish to pack a quick lunch with you.
7)  How long will seeNTU stretch for? 
seeNTU will run during the first week of the MOE May/June school vacation period. It comprises modules from the College of Engineering and College of Science that you can sign up for. You may sign up for as many modules as you wish, as long as the timings for your selected modules do not clash. The duration of each module as well as the scheduled date / time of the module will be released in February of that year of implementation. 
8)  Will there be any exemptions from undergraduate modules in NTU should I apply for a place in the University?
No. There will be no exemptions offered for now. 
9)  Who should I contact should I require more information?
Your first point of contact should be your school’s seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator. Alternatively, you may email us at: TalentOutreach@ntu.edu.sg