Innovation Programme (IvP) 

First introduced in 1993, the Innovation Programme (IvP) provides a unique learning opportunity for students to develop their problem-solving and thinking skills. Students are encouraged to give full play to their creativity and imagination to  experience the excitement and joy of problem-solving and prototyping.

The IvP runs over 9 months from January to September. During this period, participants work on their projects under the supervision of their teacher-mentors. Expert-mentors from the participating institutions meet with the pupils during 3 draft sessions (between March to July) to provide guidance and feedback to the pupils.

The IvP culminates in the Young Innovators’ Fair. 

IvP is jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch (MOE) and the following institutions: 

Innovators and Entrepreneurs Association

SG Enable

More information on the IvP can be obtained from the MOE website.