1)  When will applications for the NTU-H3 Taught Modules open?

Applications for NTU-H3 Taught Modules will open in October each year.

2)  How do I apply for the NTU-H3 Taught Module that I am interested in?

All applications have to be made via the application link at Applying for an NTU-H3 Taught Module. You may want to check with your school's H3 School Coordinator if you are eligible to be offered an H3 subject. 

3)  Do I apply for an NTU-H3 Taught Module in JC1 or JC2?

You can only apply for a place in an NTU-H3 Taught Module at the end of JC1. Application details will be released through your school's H3 School Coordinator.

4)  What are the criteria for selection?

All placements will be based on academic merit based on the Promotional Examinations results as well as your school's recommendation. Only applicants who have received their school's endorsement and recommendation will be considered.

5)  Will I have to pay a course fee to take an H3 Taught Module?

All students taking an NTU-H3 Taught Module will have to pay a course fee as per MOE's requirements. The course fee is pegged at $640, of which $580 will be paid via a grant from the MOE and the balance of $60 will be payable by the student. 

6)  When is the official start of instruction date for the NTU-H3 Taught Modules?

Each run of the NTU-H3 Taught Modules will start in January. 

7)  Can I withdraw from the NTU-H3 Taught Module?

You may choose to withdraw from an NTU-H3 Taught Module. Please take note of the withdrawal schedule and the penalty (if any), which will be made available at the point of application.

8)  Who should I contact should I require more information?

Your first point of contact should be your school’s​ H3 School Coordinator. Alternatively, you may email us at TalentOutreach@ntu.edu.sg