NRP / NRPjr Timeline

7 Feb - 27 Feb 2022 (2359h)Application period for NRP/NRPjr 2022
Apr 2022Commencement of NRP/NRPjr 2022
Jul 2022
Confirmation of offer for H3 Science Research students
(only applicable to students who have been offered their projects as H3 Science Research)
19 Sep 2022Submission of Mid-Project Progress Report
(to be submitted via the NRP/NRPjr e-portal)
15 Jan 2023 (2359h)Submission of Research Paper and Research Log
(to be submitted via the NRP/NRPjr e-portal)
20 Jan 2023Submission of Student Transport Claims
(to be submitted to your NRP/NRPjr Teacher Coordinator)
Feb 2023Assessment of Research Papers
27 Feb 2023 - 3 Mar 2023H3 Science Research/NRP/NRPjr Oral Presentation Assessment