Library Access (Students)

Access to NTU Library

NRP/NRPjr Student Participants can access any of the libraries. As you do not have an NTU matriculation card to tap at the gantry to enter the library, you will need to seek the help of the Librarian to do so.

Please ensure that you have your NRIC/School Smartcard for verification purposes. You will not be able to enter the library if you are unable to produce your NRIC/School Smartcard.

Borrowing of Library Materials

NRP/NRPjr Student Participants can borrow books and other materials at all libraries. For more details on borrowing privileges, refer to the first page of the Borrowing Privileges for Students.

Your NRIC/School Smartcard serves as your library card at NTU Library. You will need to present your NRIC/School Smartcard at the Service Desk to borrow all materials. Alternatively, you can borrow materials at the self-check machines using your NTU Network Username.

Access to E-Resources

NRP/NRPjr Student Participants will also be able to enjoy remote access to NTU Library and the vast array of e-resources available.

You may go to NTU Library's Resources to find out more.


For Assistance on Library Access

Should you require any assistance, please contact NTU Library through the following channels:

Tel:6790 5776
WhatsApp:8395 0629
Enquiry Form:Ask A Librarian