Full Text @ NTU Library

NTU Library provide these tools to unlock access to full text e-resources (subscribed by the Library) seamlessly on web browsers.

  • NTU LibGenie - A smart extension for desktop browsers that provide access to full text e-resources and suggests alternatives when access is blocked.
  • NTU LibBookmark - A simple bookmark for mobile/desktop browsers that links to the Library's full text collection easily.

For more information about how to use these tools, click on the respective tabs below.


  • Final access to the full text of e-resources is still limited by the user group. NTU Staff/Students have access to all subscribed e-resources while other groups have limited access.
  • For materials not available via NTU Library, please use the Document Delivery (DocDel) or Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.
  • For further enquiries, please contact us.
Tip: If you're experiencing constant errors when accessing e-resources in Chrome browser, you may need to clear your cookies for "All Time". This should be a one-time task.


NTU LibGenie is a smart Library Access desktop browser extension which works in the background while you are browsing publisher websites or pages with an article or e-book.

NTU LibGenie supports your online research by providing:

  • Access - simplified access to NTU Library subscribed e-resources on your preferred web browser
  • Assistance - automatic notifications by NTU Library to inform and ensure you have access
  • Alternatives - automatic suggestions by NTU Library to other materials when you are hit by barriers
Getting started with LibGenie
  1. Download the NTU LibGenie (Library Access) extension at the Lean Library website.
  2. Click on the featured browser image and you will be directed to the download page to install the Library Access extension.
  3. Depending on browser, it will ask you to reconfirm and you can select Allow or Add.
  4. If you are off campus, a new window would open. Select your Library as Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and click save.
  5. Once installed, NTU LibGenie (Library Access) is ready for your use. You can start your online research by visiting an e-resource page (eg. ScienceDirect) and NTU LibGenie will detect and alert if you have access to the e-resource. It will automatically provide suggestions to alternative locations of access when you are hit by barriers.
Optimising your LibGenie Experience
Please refer to https://libfaq.ntu.edu.sg/faq/265054 for more details.


This video shows how to install LibGenie on Microsoft Edge (installing on other browsers are similar) and the experience you will have if you access sciencedirect.com.


NTU LibBookmark is a simple bookmark for your mobile/desktop browser to enable easy access to full text e-resources subscribed by NTU Library.

Follow the steps found at https://libfaq.ntu.edu.sg/faq/268330 to install NTU LibBookmark (Full Text @NTU Library) on your preferred web browser. Once installed, whenever you find yourself on a page that only shows the article abstract or asks for a log in or payment, simply click on the bookmark in your browser and the page will be reloaded with the full text option (if NTU Library subscribes to that journal/book).