TEA Governance, Events & Initiatives

The TEA organizes a number of events and workshops to advance and promote best teaching practice, review policy and initiatives, and promote educational innovation and collaboration among partners and institutes of higher learning. Workshops, workgroups, and initiatives led by TEA include but are not limited to the following:

Learning and Teaching Workshops & Workgroups

  • Effective Examination Questions Workshop
  • LAMs User Group
  • TEL/CITS Feedback Sessions

Educational Initiatives

  • Student Feedback on Teaching
  • Marks Entry System Pilot
  • Examiners' Checklist
  • Student Transition to University Videos (Transition and Orientation Programme (TOP) for Freshmen)

As the Secretariat for TEA, CTLP also organizes a number of events on learning and teaching. Visit the CTLP Events and Outreach page and the CTLP Courses and Workshops page for more details.

Governance of the Academy

The Academy is governed by an Executive Committee elected by the Fellows. New Fellows will be inducted yearly from the winners of the Nanyang Education Awards at the University and College levels.

Each College (and NIE & LKC School of Medicine) has a representative on the Executive Committee, and the members and Chair serve two-year terms, and can be elected for an additional two-year term. The Associate Provosts for Undergraduate Education and Graduate Education are Ex-Officio members of Executive Committee.


TEA Governance of the Academy

TEA Committee Members

Associate Professor Ruth Wong Yeang Lam