About the Academy

The Teaching Excellence Academy (TEA) is a professional body of faculty members who make recommendations on educational issues, policies, strategies and promote educational innovation and collaboration. The Academy also serves as a conduit between faculty members and Senior Management concerning all education matters at NTU.

The roles of the Academy are to oversee the following:

1. Educational matters

  • Conduct peer review and teaching appraisal under the new teaching appraisal scheme.
  • Identify, research and analyse important issues in learning and teaching, thereby acting as a clearing house for higher education research to keep faculty informed of the latest research and practical matters concerning learning and teaching.
  • Provide feedback to Colleges and Senior Management on policy and educational matters.

2. Educational innovation, leadership and development

  • Identify and engage with innovators and teaching champions at NTU and provides support for the dissemination of their practices and innovations.
  • Identify and encourage faculty members who can be leaders in educational innovation and development.

3. Student engagement

  • Regularly dialogue with students to obtain their feedback and perspectives regarding the learning and teaching environment at NTU.

4. Broad engagement with higher education learning and teaching

  • Engage with external institutions of higher learning around the world, such as the UK Higher Education Academy and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Learning.
  • Encourage NTU Academy Fellows to attend and present at international higher education conferences.

5. Promotion of scholarship of teaching and learning

  • Promote faculty awareness of research in higher education pedagogy and practice.
  • Administer the EdeX (Educational Excellence) research grants, which are an important means of developing innovative teaching through action research.