Teaching Excellence Academy (TEA)

The Teaching Excellence Academy (TEA) was set up to promote and recognise outstanding teaching practices and to encourage faculty to implement effective teaching innovations. The Academy administers the Nanyang Excellence Awards, which are given out at the school, college and university levels. All NEA awardees at the College and University levels become Fellows of the Teaching Excellence Academy.

The Academy also organises a number of events and workshops to advance and promote best teaching practice, review policy and initiatives, promote educational innovation and collaboration among those aligned to NTU Education.

Teaching Excellence Academy Secretariat

As the secretariat to the Academy, the Institute for Pedagogical Innovation, Research & Excellence (InsPIRE) supports and administers many of the Academy’s strategies, such as professional academic development, evaluation of the learning environment, and teaching and learning research. On behalf of the Academy, InsPIRE also organises teaching and learning events and seminars.

The Academy has connections and affiliations to other worldwide teaching and learning organisations, including the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Learning, the UK Higher Education Academy, and the Center for Academic Integrity. These connections support the Academy’s global outreach and engagement in higher education research.