Information on intranet pages for students

As part of the website revamp, the University’s Intranet pages are no longer part of this Internet site. This is to make NTU’s website more friendly for external visitors. 

The following internal information which you may frequently look for are accessible via the Student Intranet which is also placed at the footer of this website. If you are on the campus network, you can access it immediately by clicking the link. Otherwise, you will need to login.

  • Degree Audit
    (under Academic Matters, Matriculation and Candidature)
  • Minor Declaration and Filing
    (under Academic Matters, Study Programmes and Curriculum Plan)
  • STARS, Course Content/Class Schedule
    (under Academic Matters, Course registration)
  • Exam seating arrangement, Exam results
    (under Academic Matters, Examination and Assessment)
  • Heartland shuttle service
    (under Residential)

Matriculated students can access IT Support information via ServiceNow while freshmen who have not matriculated can visit here.