Smart Chip Tells You How Healthy Your Battery Is

Smart Chip Tells You How Healthy Your Battery Is

Charging your smartphone could soon take no more than 10 minutes. This is all thanks to a smart chip the size of a fingernail which promises to optimise battery charging process, extend lifespan of batteries, and reduce risk of battery fires from overheating. Developing the chip took Professor Rachid Yazami from NTU’s Energy Research Institute more than five years. The chip contains a unique algorithm that precisely measures the amount of charge left in a battery, depending on its temperature and voltage. A similar chip is contained in the charger. Used together, this ensures the lithium battery in gadgets is charged optimally, minimising its risk for damage. Current chargers send the same amount of charge to the battery, regardless of its condition.

  • Extends battery lifespan
  • Ensures delivery of optimum charge, reducing damage risk
  • Reduces overheating risk and battery fires
  • Speeds up charging time

"Current chargers do not take into account the health of a battery when charging. They send the same amount of charge regardless of the battery's condition. With this chip, the charge can be regulated to avoid damaging the battery."

Professor Rachid Yazami
Nanyang Technological University

Moving Forward:

This technology is expected to be made available for licensing by chipmakers and battery manufacturers. With this new generation of longer-lasting batteries, gadgets will also have a longer lifespan.​

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