A Burden Lightened

A Burden Lightened

To help father who has been struggling to make ends meet, Ng Shi Yun started working part-time when she was in her teens.

She continues to do so while pursuing her degree at NTU in Materials Science and Engineering, to bolster the family income, and to finance the monthly installments of the tuition fee loan she took in polytechnic.

“I work on weekends so I can fully concentrate on my studies on weekdays,” says Shi Yun.

Being awarded a bursary from the Ma Jan Memorial Fund relieved the freshman of a hefty burden.

Launched in 2013, the fund is named after the late Professor Ma Jan, an accomplished scientist, committed educator, and former Chair of NTU’s School of Materials Science and Engineering. The Ma Jan Memorial Fund provides scholarships and bursaries for students at the school in perpetuity.

Shi Yun is grateful for the financial aid.

She says: “This money will help pay my school fees and reduce my family’s financial burden. This extra bit of money means I can also start saving for the future.”

Shi Yun can now look forward to making the most of her journey ahead at NTU like other students.

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