2-in-1 Biomarker Detects and Treats Cancer

​2-in-1 Biomarker Detects and Treats Cancer

A NANOSPHOR particle ten times smaller than a grain of sand offers cancer patients a new glimmer of hope. Developed by researchers from NTU’s School of Material Science and Engineering, the biomarker highlights tumour cells and treats the disease with drugs at the same time. The biomarker lights up when it detects tumor, giving scientists a clearer look. Before this breakthrough, particles used for bio-imaging could only be used for imaging – it could not release drugs, or detect the environment around the tumour. With twice the contrast of conventional dyes, the biomarker allows for clearer differentiation between healthy cells and tumour cells. The biomarker can potentially be loaded with multiple layers of drugs, allowing for smaller, targeted doses, leading to fewer side effects.

  • Allows scientists to differentiate healthy cells and tumour cells more clearly
  • Effective treatment – detects tumour cells and delivers drugs

“Our breakthrough will open up new doors in the various fields of nanomedicine, bio-imaging and cancer therapeutics.”

Professor Joachim Loo,
a nanotechnology and bio-imaging expert who worked on the project.

Moving Forward:

The NTU team is working on loading multiple layers of drugs onto the marker, so smaller doses can be administered to tumor cells more accurately. This breakthrough cancer treatment could enable doctors to deliver more effective cancer treatment for patients.​​​

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