Rise of the Machine

​Rise of the Machine

In the foreseeable future, we could well find ourselves greeted by social robots instead of a human at the receptionist desk. Paving the way for such a future is Nadine, a social robot created by NTU’s Professor Nadia Thalmann. Unlike conventional robots, Nadine has her own personality, mood and emotions. She can be happy or sad, depending on the conversation. She also has a good memory, recognises the people she has met, and remembers what the person had said before. Nadine joins a new wave of AI machines that can ‘think’ for themselves. By tapping into a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, social robots like Nadine can generate new outcomes for themselves by learning from previous outcomes. In an ageing society with a shrinking workforce, Nadine could conceivably fill in the gap in industries where manpower is lacking.

  • Fill in the manpower gap in an ageing society with shrinking workforce

“Nadine could eventually act as a robotic caretaker for the sick or elderly,”

NTU’s Professor Nadia Thalmann,
Nadine’s creator

Moving Forward:

Making Nadine mobile is the next goal for researchers. In the area of healthcare, Nadine could foreseeably take on a caretaker role for the sick and elderly, or as a companion for children.

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