Man with a Mission

Man with a Mission

For fourth-year medical student Joseph Wong, the desire to become a doctor was ignited when he witnessed how the doctors who looked after his grandfather at the final stage of his life treated the whole family with empathy. But the ability to pursue his dream did not come easy.

Coming from a single-parent family made up of his mother and brother, Joseph’s father left the family during his A-Level period and stopped supporting them financially. Joseph’s mother sells clothes at a rented stall in a hawker centre.

To alleviate his family’s nancial burden, Joseph took a loan when he entered the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine to cover the remaining portion of his tuition fees after deducting what his NTU bursary covered. For pocket money, he trained a class of students from his secondary school and helped prepare them for the Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad 2016.

“The NTU bursary allowed me to not have to worry about my family’s finances as I go through medical school, and I am able to devote time to my studies and develop interests I never got to as a child,” Joseph reected.

Looking forward to a future beyond medical school, Joseph said, “I would like to be a surgeon. Also, at a point when I feel that I have sufficiently given enough back to society for the opportunity to be a doctor, I would like to get involved in meaningful mission work.”

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