Joining Faculty Club No Longer a Dream

​​Joining Faculty Club No Longer a Dream

Being the sole breadwinner of the family, my mother struggles with our household and medical bills as my father is severely ill. Despite her financial responsibilities,my mother has always tried her best to provide for my undergraduate needs.

However, as my parents are getting old, I felt that I should do my part to ease their financial burdens. To pay for my university expenses, I took up several part-time jobs such as private tutoring while studying. I also held off my plans for summer or semester exchange programmes and other school activities that require a lot of money.

Fortunately, I managed to receive much-needed support through a bursary which covered my tuition and hostel fees. I was able to purchase a laptop for my academic needs as well. With the bursary, I could reduce my part-time workload and get by with tutoring just one student. This has granted me more time to spend with my parents, who are very happy for me as I was able to manage my school finances on my own.

The ease of financial worries also allowed me to take part in faculty club activities, a summer exchange programme, overseas expeditions and local community involvement projects (LCIP). Through these opportunities, I realised there are many other people with much financial and emotional struggles. I learnt that what matters is not how much we can give; as long as you put a smile on their faces and impart to them a new skill or knowledge, you would have passed on a good deed. Right now, as a student, I am not able to give back as much, but I hope to keep working hard so that I could help others like how I received help today.

I am very thankful for the bursary for helping to lighten the financial burdens of my parents and improve the quality of life for my family, and for being part of my university journey helping me to finish my degree.

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